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Living through the past two years of the pandemic has provided students with opportunities to discover viruses and learn more about them, which is reflected in many of this year’s 3rd Massachusetts District winning science fair project themes.

Conducted March 1-6, approximately 90 students from high schools and middle schools throughout southeastern Massachusetts submitted science and engineering projects through the zFairs program to compete in the regional event with $3,600 in prizes. Projects were reviewed by 28 volunteer judges who are STEM professionals.

Palavi Naravani, deputy chair of the Science Fair Committee for District Three, was euphoric with the increase in the number of participants in the wake of the pandemic. Last year, there was a remote fair, but participation was low.

“Although many teachers encourage their students to participate in the science fair, the fair saw much less participation last year,” she said. “This year as schools return to in-person learning and things are back to normal…the number of science fair participants has rebounded, roughly to pre-COVID numbers.”

Naravani attributed part of the re-emergence of the participants to the hardworking teachers. “A large share of this fund goes to teachers to encourage their students to do projects,” she said.

The Awards Ceremony for the Regional Exhibition was held live on March 13th. All students who take first, second, or third place automatically apply to the Massachusetts Science and Engineering Fairs. The Senior Division’s Virtual High School Fair is scheduled to take place from May 5-6, while the Junior Division’s Junior Middle School Virtual State Fair will be held on May 21.

Junior Division

Third place:

Amelia Mills, seventh grade, Does Test Music Affect Performance?, North Attleboro Middle School; Bhavishnu Mood, Grade 8, What Seeds Germinate Fastest?, North Attleboro Middle School; Cassandra White, 8th grade, Learning While You Sleep, North Attleboro Middle School; Somaya Lahr, 7th grade, Relationship between pH and Vitamin C in different fruits, Al Noor Academy (Mansfield); Salma Saad, 8th grade, Aerobic exercise: Yeast metabolism with and without ventilation, Al Noor Academy; Elizabeth Cosgrove, Grade 6, Can Soil Plants Stop Erosion?, St. Mary’s School (Mansfield); Grace McCauley, seventh grade, Flour and Antiquities, St. Mary’s School; Katie Yorov, 8th grader, What is the timekeeping method closest to your internal clock? Saint Mary’s School.

second place:

Liam Jones, Grade 7, How Well Do Masks Work?, St. Mary’s School; Gillian Creighton, 6th grader, How does the temperature of a magnet affect its strength? , St. Mary’s School; Moira Cosgrove, Grade 8, What Factors Affect Blood Flow Rate?, St. Mary’s School; Aditya Naravane, Grade 7, Efficiency of Various Sorting Algorithms, North Attleboro Middle School.

first place:

Avani Jain, 8th grade, sports drink is better: myth or reality? , North Attleboro Middle School; Eric Ni, 8th grader, self-driving security robot with facial recognition, North Attleboro Middle School.

Senior Division

Third place:

Owen Hanna, 9th grade, Seed Preparation: How Chemicals Affect Seed Germination, Bishop Feihan High School (Attleboro); Adam Johnson, Grade 10, Effect of Temperature on Dissolved Oxygen, Bishop Faihan High School; Amy Lawton, 10th grade, oil spill obliteration, Bishop Faihan High School; Mark Boutros, Grade 10, Effectiveness of Various Flood Prevention Means, Bishop Faihan Secondary School; Gillian Conlon, Grade 10, The State of Soil Salinity, Bishop Faihan High School; Brooke Kennedy, 9th grade, Examining artificial lawn temperatures under hot conditions to determine if substitute infills keep the lawn cooler than crumb rubber, Bishop Feihan High School; Victoria Parent, Grade 10, Relationship to Fingerprints, Bishop Feehan High School; Catherine Zhang, Grade 9, Hand Sanitizer vs. Soap: Which Cleans Hands Best?, Bishop Feihan Secondary; Tahir Hussain, Siddharth Naik and Anthony Jay, Grade 10, How to DNA Test, Foxboro Regional Independent School; Camilla Royal, 9th grade, common pollutants turned deadly, Foxboro Regional Independent School.

second place:

Alexandra Lama, Grade 10, Soil pH and Acid Rain, Bishop Faihan High School; Rohit Dee, 9th grade, How much radiation do electronic devices emit?, Bishop Feihan Secondary; Ritika Roy, 9th grade, Effect of soil on water refractive index, Bishop Faihan Secondary School; Sanjh Bonu, 9th grade, What disinfectant products are most effective in killing the amount of bacteria in the area?, North Attleboro High School; Lin Attia, 9th grade, How does structured tampering affect the recall of auditory memory?, Al Noor Academy. Youmna El-Deeb, 9th grade, Effect of circadian rhythms on body temperature and reaction time in adolescent girls, Al Noor Academy.

first place:

Derek Desrosiers, 9th grade, We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it – Converting Vibration into Energy, North Attleboro High School; Aprameya Pandit, Grade 11, Air Annular Nozzle Design and Improvement, North Attleboro High School.

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