Mindful Travel in the Land of the Deep Blue Sky – Mongolia

Wildflower riding is one of the little-known pleasures of trekking horses in the national parks, wilderness and mountains of Mongolia with Stone Horse Expeditions. An adventurous trip you don’t want to miss.

Mongolia, the land of blue skies, where you can experience mindful travel for a wild horseback riding adventure and the deep tranquility of the Gobi Desert.

You will find heaven on the back of a horse.

– Stella A Walker

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, June 9, 2022 / EINPresswire.com/ – Mongolia is back! After two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, Mongolia is now fully open to all international visitors. The US State Department lists the country as usual for travel, which means it’s a safe place to visit. Why not, the small population of this Central Asian nation has been vaccinated with 70% of COVID-19, making it one of the highest vaccination compliance rates in the world.

Famous for its horse culture, the vast open plains and the Gobi Desert, visitors have a wide range of activities and places to visit. One operation that has been taking guests on multi-day horseback riding excursions through the cultural and wild landscapes of this mysterious land, and winning prizes for their trips, is Stone Horse Expeditions. Keith Swenson, managing director of Stone Horse, says he has lived and worked in the country for 22 years. “Since the country is now fully open and visitors are able to travel anywhere, we are seeing reservations for our tours. After two years in the wilderness, so to speak, it is great to welcome guests back to visit the places we love and enjoy our guests show, and of course ride our well-trained horses “.

These aren’t just horse riding trips either. With their experienced Mongolian jockeys and rugged, but easy-to-handle horses, Stone Horse Expeditions travel to some of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the country, camping in comfort, sharing nourishing, expertly prepared cuisine and enjoying a calm and alert. Traveling in the wild. As Keith notes, “A moment of solitude in the wilderness is medicine for the soul.” Suffering from the pandemic blues of years past, escaping to join a small group on a safe road trip certainly feels like medicine we can all use to bring balance back to what is important in our lives. These Mongolian Horse Riding Tours will do just that.

Safety is also important. The company owns all of its horses and knows the characteristics of each individual, and their riding assessment, sent to all potential inquiries, ensures that each rider matches a horse of their experience and skill level. This ensures that their guests, from beginners to experts, have a horse that they can enjoy for the duration of their trip.

It’s not all about horse riding. Stone Horse offers a variety of Gobi Desert and other year-round tours, one of which is designed to pair well with a horseback riding excursion. Hey, if you are traveling all the way to Mongolia, which is a once in a lifetime vacation for most people, you might as well be as convenient as possible while you are there. While the northern forested mountains where stone horse riding excursions take place is a biodiversity hotspot full of wildflowers, the Gobi Desert in the south of the country is a famous and unique area. The vast desert affords visitors the chance to see wildlife, such as caribou and argali sheep, the world’s largest bighorn sheep, and perhaps even the elusive snow leopard, not to mention camels, and many more camels, of the humped type. The people of the Gobi are warm and hospitable, like desert dwellers in many places and inventive in surviving in a harsh environment. Camping under the stars is another experience in which the desert can be quite calm, not a sound to be heard, and the stars, from horizon to horizon, seem close enough to reach and touch.

Getting to Mongolia is actually quite simple, traveling via Seoul, South Korea, or via Istanbul or Berlin, if you’re coming from Europe. Your travel agent will know. It is a country that is safe to travel, open to visitors and has modern amenities and nightlife in its capital, Ulaanbaatar. A great cultural and nature experience for the family or solo traveler that you won’t want to miss.

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