Mizzou Basketball adds Dicky Knott to the coaching staff

Missouri basketball and Dennis Gates named a second assistant coach, and that wasn’t the one they had been rumored to be for weeks.

There have been nearly a million jokes on Twitter, because yes, Dicky Knott is a cool name. Instead of including them all, I’ll just link to this: RT with comment

But jokes aside, Dickie Nat is an experienced basketball coach. If you thought the name was familiar, it’s because yes, it’s a sibling with the Houston Nat. Houston was a longtime Arkansas head coach (from 1998 to 2007) winning three Western Conference championships and finishing second in the number of wins. He then resigned and took the position at the Ole Miss where he coached until 2011. He is an iconic figure in the SEC because he was reminded time and time again. But this isn’t about Houston Nutt, it’s about his brother Dickey.

Two of the four Knott brothers went to basketball, and Dickey was really, really, really cool. He grew up in Arkansas and played in Oklahoma State under various coaches. He was an assistant coach at OSU in Leonard Hamilton’s first season at Stillwater before moving to Arkansas State where he was an assistant coach from 1987 to 1995. In 1995 he took over as head coach, leading the Red Wolves until 2008. His last season, which was his worst season , but only one season beyond taking first place in the Western Division of Sunbelt.

He moved to southeastern Missouri before joining Hamilton back in Florida. Then Stetson, then Cleveland State, and then last year he served as athletics director and basketball coach at Gaston College in North Carolina.

Knott wouldn’t blow anyone away like Charlton Young, but part of that is by design. Young was an expensive hire, and a coach who proved capable of bringing in elite players. Since Dennis Gates had to spend quite a bit to get CY on board, that limits his budget a bit on the rest of the bench. Nutt is a smart employee because he is an experienced coach who runs several programs and can help go over the edges, without having to become too talented. Gates and Young should be able to handle this part. With Nutt you get a coach that won’t cost you much but can be a valuable learning asset on the bench and help with preparations.

From the school version:

Experienced and talented coach, David “Dickey” Knott, will join the staff of Missouri Witten men’s basketball coach Dennis Gates as assistant coach, Gates announced Thursday afternoon. Knott has more than 30 years of NCAA Division I coaching experience, including 19 years as a head coach.

Nat joins Charlton Young, who was announced as the Tigers’ assistant coach last week, as the Gates’ inaugural staff.

“David” Dickey “Nat is a true veteran of the profession and has a tremendous amount of passion for the game as well as for student-athlete development,” Gates said. “We are fortunate to have someone with his level of expertise on our staff. Coach Nat has a wealth of knowledge of basketball and employment relationships in our state that will be a tremendous asset to our program, our sports department, our university and CoMo.”

Nutt previously served as head coach at Arkansas State from 1995 to 2008 and Southeast Missouri from 2009 to 2015. 1998 Sun Belt Coach of the Year, Nutt led Arkansas State to 189 wins, the Sun Belt Championship and the only NCAA men’s basketball appearance in 1999.

“I feel very fortunate and honored to be part of the Coach Jets crew here at the University of Missouri,” Knott said. “I have seen first-hand his work ethic, his love of youth, his preparation for the game and his incredible ability to recruit. I am excited to be reunited with him and eager to go to work building a championship program – on and off the field.”

After his main coaching assignments, Nat joined the Leonard Hamilton crew in Florida as a video coordinator and was a part of the 2018 Elite Eight Seminoles. He also worked with Coach Gates in Cleveland State as an assistant special coach for Student Athletic Development. Most recently, Knott worked as Head Coach and Athletic Director at Gaston College in Dallas, North Carolina.

Playing en masse at Oklahoma State, Knott began his coaching career as an assistant at Stillwater High School from 1982 to 1985. He then joined the coaching staff at his alma mater where we worked with current Florida State coach, Leonard Hamilton, along with current Kansas coach Bill Self.

Knott has two sons, Logan and Lucas, and a daughter, Lexis. Logan is a high school basketball coach in Arkansas and runs the Lucas Athletics Training Center 3:16.

Nat comes from a family of coaches, with his older brother Houston currently working as a college football studio analyst at CBS and previously the head football coach for Ole Miss and Arkansas. His younger brother Danny worked as the assistant director of athletics for player development at Ole Miss and was a running coach in Arkansas and eastern Illinois. Dennis, the brother of Knott III, was formerly the head coach of Texas State and currently serves as head coach at Ouachita Baptiste in Arkadelphia, Ark.

Nott has a Master of Science in Sports Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education, both from Oklahoma State.

Dickie Note career coaching

1985-87 – Oklahoma State – Assistant Coach

1987-95 – Arkansas State – Assistant Coach

1995-08 – Arkansas State – Head Coach

2009-15 – Southeast Missouri State – Head Coach

2015-18 – Florida State – Video Coordinator

2018-19 – Stetson – Assistant Coach

2019-21 – Cleveland State – Special Assistant Coach

2021-22 – Gaston College – Head Coach/Athletic Director

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