Mizzou Softball adds an impactful player through the gate in Payton Jackson from TTU

The Mizzou Softball team was due to enter the new season after a lot of attacking.

Here just how much. You made a chart! By the way, pink indicated a rise in functionality.

Such an insult, to be exact.
Per MUTigers.com

In case you’re wondering what the offensive impact these seven have on the Tigers this season, they’ve factored in – I’m about to wow you with my time. Maths Calculator skills: 921 AB | 138 points | 249 Hits | 39 my husband | 3 three times | 58 main runs | 166 RBI | 108 walks | 468 total rules.

That’s 47.8% of runs, 57.2% of hits, 61.9% of doubles, 30% of triples, 67.4% of homeowners, 64.6% of RBI and 61% of walking overall this season.

The presence of this offensive production obviously leaves the Tigers looking elsewhere for places to find them…

Enter Texas Tech’s main hitter Payton Jackson, who has been the gatekeeper for about a month.

The Missouri City, Texas native is left-handed – looks like it’s meant to be, doesn’t it? – She led the Texas Tech Red Raiders (with whom we played in the MNC early in the season; she lost 5th and walked twice), tweets suggest, many Attacking classes last season: First in the BA (.336) | OPS (1.032) | R (32) | 3 B (3) | TB (73) and SLG% (.598), the second in H (41) | 2b (11) | Human Resources (5) | OB% (.434). She was awarded “Red & Black” at the Sports Division’s annual awards ceremony in early May, as well as Academic All-Big XII. She specializes in sports management.

Apparently she was using her first year and sophomore sophomore as a GP or DP, and in her first year of bats-consisting, she was doing just fine. I’d love to see how her batting average held up, even with roughly 6x as many AB’s as possible.


With the year of Covid, she will likely have two years of eligibility left.

Here are some highlights!

against who – which Team. We could have used it, sad lol.

Here are some plays that are very Shomon in character.

Hey Payton (or is she PJ?)! And here I was worried I had nothing to write about!

to the links!

We could get used to this.. but you know, in black and gold. You can listen to her microphone over here (scroll down).


Other sports Mizzou

Each school year, every Division I sports team across the country calculates its own annual percentage rate using a simple, consistent formula. Each semester, student-athletes who receive a scholarship can receive one point for remaining eligible and one point for remaining in school or graduating.

Mizzou’s combined 18 programs with an average score of 990 – above the national four-year average of 984. 15 teams have matched or improved their APR over the last public release in 2018-19. Football has produced the highest APR in its 18-year history, while Mizzou’s 12 teams have scored 990 or better.

This April report includes data for the academic years 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20, and 2020-21. The data has not been released during the pandemic (2019-20), so this is the first time we’ve seen the data since the 2018-2019 season.

The four-year rolling average must be at 930 or higher (which indicates a rate of around 50%) for penalties to not be imposed.

Another note (and thanks to Matt Harris for confirming my thoughts): There’s also something here about how you don’t lose any points for athletes who move as long as it’s to a D-1 institution and they’re in good financial shape.

Working with existing and new university partners, these new schools-specific markets will facilitate fans, brands, donors, and sponsors to provide direct support to student-athletes. School-specific markets will enable the athletic departments to maximize the success of student-athletes by mobilizing their fan bases and local organizations. Supporters will have one simplified platform to easily find their favorite athletes, bid offers, and complete payments.

“Schools that mobilize their alumni and local markets to support student-athletes will become leaders in the second year of NIL,” said Blake Lawrence Opendorse, CEO. “Fans, donors and local brands very much want to support NIL’s initiatives – but most don’t even know where to start. The school market solves that. They will give every supporter one place to increase the chances of indifference to their favorite student athlete.”

Mizzou’s Pros

  • Cassidy Chaumont’s professional career kicked off Tuesday, with the WPF opener being played in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. How were our girls doing? Don’t forget, former Mizzou Softball player, Sami Fagan, is on the list as well.

I know they lost 9-5, but I’m having trouble finding the stats (may update later if I can locate them).

  • Sophie Cunningham He is expected to miss the next two weeks after spraining his elbow ligaments following the team’s June 5 win over the Sparks. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Sophia.
  • congratulations, Damon Hazleton!

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