Mobile passport is available for your travel needs

When our government actually does something really good, I never understand why it is being kept such a secret!

With many of you going abroad in the next couple of months, I wanted to make sure you didn’t leave town without this travel agent’s 101 advice: the mobile passport has been turned on again at most airports. This means that when you return to the United States from your international trip, look out for it!

Passport Control Mobile App for Customs Border Protection is the official name, but to make the long name much shorter, look for the abbreviation MPC in your phone’s Apple and Google Play Store. Designed to avoid long lines at customs and get you away quickly on your next flight, the MPC is a free government program found at most US international airports and cruise ports, all you have to do is look for the immigration line with the fewest passengers, and I bet you’ll find it.

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