Momma on “family name” and made it big in indie rock

The idea that rejection can ultimately be good for you is a cliché that rarely feels true right now because rejection is bad. For Momma, the bustling indie trio based in New York by California, record companies have been feeding them, taking them out for drinks, and compliments on their 2020 concept album. two of me, Overall it’s cleared up as the next big thing. But not everyone who offers kind words is willing to back that up with a contract, and the Momma members have found themselves dealing with a slew of passes.

Allegra Weingarten recalls “When we were rejected by the brands, I remember we were just saying, ‘All we can do is make the best possible record’.”

And that’s exactly what they did. their third album, family name, he is Easily the best group. Set to be released on July 1 via independent strong Polyvinyl, the record sees Momma grapple with what it means to be a capital F popular today over the hazy, echoing guitar strings that expand her grunge-streaked sound without weakening the edges.

Composed of 24-year-old Weingarten, 23-year-old Etta Friedman, and Aaron Kobayashi Rich, Momma initially started as a Friedman project. Weingarten joined the fold when the couple met during high school and their voice began to expand, first with 2018 Parasitical, and then two of me. release family name It coincides with the beginning of a new stage for the band. Friedman and Weingarten kept the group together while in college at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and Tulane University in New Orleans, respectively, and as we speak, that was the day before Friedman graduated. The couple are eager to make music their top priority now that they have finished school.

“I think we’re also our own worst enemy and we get really hard on ourselves and think, ‘Can this manipulation screw up?'” Friedman says. “But in the end, I am living the dream life of what I wanted when I was 12 years old composing music, [and] People are receptive enough to want to see it.”

Inspired by albums like Nirvana Did not matter, Which brought their makers notoriety and changed their lives, the group uses a lot of family name To explore their own feelings about what success means, and how it can change Momma for better and for worse. The album’s opening “Rip Off” is their sarcastic rebuke to A&Rs who didn’t follow through with their initial interest (“I got my picture because it’s hard to escape/They’d know my name in every house across the states”). “Rockstar” mocks their long search for a drummer, and makes Momma look like she’s working at home at a club owned by David Lynch (“The barback is our singer/The last person to leave the band/A real heavy drinker/He karaokes ‘Rocket Man’).” Without a stage” between public adoration and private loneliness in the same way that many great musical compositions work.

In addition to records such as Did not matter And enduring influences like The Breeders, Momma has also drawn from a particularly prolific source of inspiration: comedy rock music Tenacious D. choice of fate, It features Jack Black and Kyle Gass, played by underperforming musicians who seek to pick out the mysterious guitar used by some of rock’s greats. “With Tenacious D, it’s about making it big and paying the rent at the same time. That’s just great work for an artist, which I feel like,” Friedman says with a laugh.

in some ways, family name He regrets a kind of fame that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Momma is great for conjuring up a pre-internet world, or at least one outside of the 24/7 online anxiety vortex. their last record, two of me, It was largely inspired by Yerington, the western Nevada town of 3,000 people, where the Friedman family lives. That sort of local water hole imagery is also present on Momma’s new album, even as they admit that the era—and their diabolical stardom may interest rock—are a far cry from their reality as up-and-coming record musicians today. industry.

“The rock ‘n’ roll mentality of ‘don’t give f*ck’ doesn’t exist anymore,” Weingarten says. “You have to give f*ck. If this was 1991 I would have dropped the label I was talking about in ‘Rip Off’, but you can’t do that” [now]. There is a set of ethics that you have to follow as a freelance musician, because there are a lot of people trying to do that.”

Momma numbers to be one of the outspoken rockers of the year.

The moments have begun family name Less concerned with the highs and lows of musical success is no less compelling, with each of the band’s primary songwriters closely engaging with a new sense of refinement. The second single “Lucky” finds Friedman contemplating the distance between him and his partner through the changing terrain that separates them. After spending time together in small-town Connecticut, Friedman finds himself in Los Angeles contemplating a cross-country split. (“My highway hills could reach east / If I’d drive in four days / I’d pick you up from the streets of your hometown / Buckle up, I’ll be there,” they sing.)

“Lucky” is one of many songs out there family name Which reaches a new level of the band’s vocal range, which is fitting as this is the band’s first LP to be recorded in a full studio. With its tightly coiled strings and blown hook, Brave’s single “Speeding 72” falls in the same category. Sometimes it can take an album or two for young independent artists to really settle in and tap into their newfound resources, but thanks to Ritch’s skilled production touch and Weingarten and Friedman’s songwriting acumen, Momma seems unmistakably ready for prime time.

With support slots for Snail Mail and a major tour of their own later this year, Momma’s characters will be one of the year’s net indie rockers. It’s a good thing they stopped a “holy shit” moment out of their way when they wrapped up a string of UK shows in mid-May.

“Ita and I had this moment when we landed in Manchester,” says Weingarten. “I was stumbling because I was like ‘Damn, those voice memos we sent each other in 2016, my freshman year of college, brought us to Manchester. This is madness.’ It’s really cute.”

Mom family name 7/1 output via polyvinyl chloride.

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