Mr. Stats’ Notes: Cleveland’s Rock

It’s rare for a stadium company name to sound on the right tune, but in Cleveland, Progressive Field seems to fit right in. It’s the home of The Guardians, a year one alias for the Cleveland series, a name that grew to me.

On Sunday mornings he’s on Peacock for streaming, athletics at The Guardians (or, if you prefer, A vs. G) at Progressive Field. A guardian by definition is a “defender, protector, or guard.” I love him. I admit I didn’t do that at first. I wanted a nickname that was either rooted in history (the Cleveland Spiders) or a name that would allow them to keep a certain star in their early career (the Cleveland Lindors).

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Cleveland hasn’t won a World Championship since 1948, but they came close to having the team come in 2016 without a win, losing Game 7 of the World Championship. In 2017, Cleveland won 102 games.

Cleveland’s opening-day payroll was $124 million in 2017, $134 million in 2018; and $119 in 2019. But in the past three years, the team has worked on a slim budget.

In 2020, Cleveland’s opening day payroll was 24The tenth Top in MLB. In 2021, the opening day salary schedule of $49.6 million was $29The tenth The highest (or the second lowest). This year, salaries of $68.2 million are 24The tenth Top in sports.

However, Director Terry Francona The front office kept the team competitive. In the past three seasons, Cleveland won more games than they lost.

Let’s take a look at how to do that.

Joseph Ramirez He is one of the best baseball players. He signed a club-friendly 7-year contract worth $141 million that runs from 2022 to 28.

Ramirez is among the major league leaders in OPS, SLG, RBI and extra base hits. As of Thursday morning, 54 RBI has been linked to it Alonso’s house To lead the major league.

The 29-year-old has been one of the top performers since he debuted on the scene in 2014.

And it was consistent…except when it wasn’t.

In 2019, Jose Ramirez has been in good health, and is coming off with a great season. But when the season started, he couldn’t buy a hit product in April. or may. or June.

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In 2018, Ramirez played 157 games, made 81 extra hits to base (38 doubles, 4 triples, 39 hours). He scored 110 goals, led in 105. His OPS+ was 0.939, and his OPS+ was 151. It was a natural progression, with his 2017 OPS+ being 0.957 and his OPS+ 145. He actually had 91 extra basestrokes in 2017.

But in 2019, this is what Ramirez has produced until June 12 (66 matches).

279 panel appearances

.198 / .294 / .292

OPS: 586

4 hours

21 RBI

Oh, sure, Ramirez hit the field with his knee in spring training just before the start of 2019. But it was cleared to play. This does not explain that Ramirez’s stagnation actually began in the second half of the 2018 season.

Jose Ramirez fought just .218 after the 2018 All Star Game, and slashed just 0.174/.315/.322 in the September 25 games.

This means that around mid-June of 2019, there were real questions about whether Ramirez was an everyday player, let alone a superstar. (By the way, Ramirez and his production dip were rare in 2019, when crime was booming.)

As quickly as he was rejected, he recoiled. Ramirez has become one of the best baseball players. From July 1 to August 24, 2019, Ramirez fought 0.320 (57-178 AB), 35 extra hits to base in 46 games with a 15-hour, 45 RBI. Then he fractured his right sternum bone while swinging on the floor of a playground in Kansas City. He underwent surgery to remove the hamet’s hook in his right hand on August 26 with an expected rehabilitation time of about six weeks. He was activated from the list of infected on September 24, just 30 days after surgery.

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Even with this extended, unexplained slump, Ramirez has been one of baseball’s best hitters for a long time. Beginning in the 2020 season, there are only three playoffs with a higher WRC+ index. These players Aaron Judge, Bryce HarperAnd the John Soto. Ramirez is ahead of the best player in the game like Mocky Pets And the Freddy Freeman.

You can use count stats (Ramirez has been leading all major leagues in the RBI since the start of the 2020 season) or advanced stats. Jose Ramirez is just a monster. Since the start of 2020, Ramirez leads all major leagues with 12.8 WAR.

He always wanted to play in the organization. Nor did the organization turn its back on him when they fell back in 2019, or when it was time to step up to the plate and make some real money for Ramirez. The property acted as trustees, protecting the interests of the organization and fan base. Jose will remain a guard, living and thriving in the city he has been with since signing as a free international agent with Cleveland in November 2009.

What happened to the Cleveland team 2016?

Terry Francona had excellent staff. Version 3.84 doesn’t sound like a great era, until you remember it was 2second abbreviation In the AL and ERA+ it was 118. The staff gave up the fewest hits and hit the most hitters among the 15 AL teams that year.

Corey Kluber He still makes an effective start at the age of 36, and is now competing for the Tampa Bay Rays. Kluber won a pair of Cy Young Awards for Cleveland, but his latest gift to the team was to trade the Rangers for a youngster. Emmanuel ClassNow the team is closer. Don’t get too excited about Clase (clas-AY). The 24-year-old has saved 10 games (in 12 saves), with an ERA of 1.93 and a WHIP of 0.857.

Carlos Carrasco Still an effective start, he’s now promoting for the New York Mets. The cookie is 7-1 this year. In 2019, he overcame a leukemia diagnosis on the season and found the spirit to return to the major league stack. In January 2021, it was traded with Francis Lindor To the Mets for four young players, including the second starting player Andres Jimenez. Gimenez was a godsend for Guardians. In Cleveland’s 24 wins this year, he’s hitting 0.410 (34-78 AB) with an OPS of 1.171.

Mike Clevenger He came back off the injury list last Sunday (right triceps strain) and looked pretty severe for Padres. It was his first appearance since May 17. And this was only his third appearance after long recovering from Tommy John’s 2020 surgery. Cleveland swapped Clevenger for the Padres at the end of August 2020, acquiring (among other things) Josh Naylor And the Cal Quantrell. Naylor played well at first base. And since Quantrill became a regular member of the rotation in mid-June 2021, he’s been 11-4, 3.06 ERA in 30 starts.

2016 Cleveland employees, Trevor Power She also played a major role. Power traded in Cincinnati in mid-2019, a trade that brought back Franmil Reyes. Reyes made it 30 home to Cleveland a year ago and is currently on the list with right hamstring strains. Power is currently suspended from baseball for two seasons under MLB’s domestic violence policy, a suspension he is appealing against.

Oh yeah, there’s one molder from that squad still on Terry Francona’s squad. Brian Shaw, who left for three years to play for Colorado and Seattle, but then returned with Cleveland as a free agent ahead of the 2021 season. That’s right, the losing bowler in Game 7 of the World Series is still with the Guardians. (Flashback: Shaw entered Game 7 at the top of the ninth, a 6-6 game, with two runners at the base. He had two big games, and he would stand to be the winning bowler if Cleveland scored a second round. Aroldis Chapman. They couldn’t do that. And at the top of the tenth, Ben Zobrist Half score double Shaw).

Now, Shaw’s show music is “I’m Still Standing”. Not Elton John version, and Egerton meeting performance.

she’s perfect. Brian Shaw keeper. As the lyrics of the song say, “And do you think this idiot will never win? Well look at me, I’ll be back again…”

You can strip the best players on the team. You can lower the payroll to the bottom of the league. The guards are still standing.

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Elvis has more hits than Elvis

The Auckland Athletics doesn’t have many bright spots in 2022, but the shortstop Elvis Andrews It must be among them. Andrews, fourteen years oldThe tenth The season, second in Oakland, came in 2022 from two bad seasons (OPS of .582, .614). This year, Andrus has an OPS of .675, and an OPS of +100. Not bad for a player whose career is +86.

If you look on the bright side of things, Andrus is close to 2,000 career results (1906) and a career track record of 1,000 (974). In fact, the only active players with more hits are 42 years old Albert Pujols39 years old Miguel Cabrera39 years old Molina runs38 years joy photoHe is 41 years old Nelson Cruz. Andros is only 33 years old.

If you look at the downside, only Pujols, Cabrera and Molina have more wins among active players.

I like to look at the positives, so I will say that Elvis has more hits than any other Elvis, including Presley and Costello. Elvis Presley The first hit was “Heartbreak Hotel”. Elvis Andros’ first hit was a double in 2009 Cliff Leeand then Cy Young Award winner.

Early in his career, Andros was asked if his name was after Elvis Presley. The answer is that it probably isn’t. Andros’ father was named Emilio, and his mother was named Elvia. All three of Elvis’ siblings have first names starting with the letter E. His two older siblings are Erickson and Airold and his sister Emily. Andrus once said of his first name, “I think it was the coolest name that begins with the letter E.”

I beg to differ.

All baseman III stars Joseph Ramirez And host player Cleveland Guardians good lori and Auckland Athletics from Progressive Field MLB Sunday Leadoff Live this Sunday, June 12 at 11:30 a.m. ET on Peacock. this week MLB Sunday Leadoff Coverage begins with a pre-game show at 11 a.m. ET on Peacock. NBC Sports Ahmed Fareed He is a pre- and post-game host MLB Sunday Leadoff He also works as an in-game reporter.

How to watch:

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