Music Production, Part 2 – What Happens in Libraries

Choices abound in genres, melodies, and signs

Anyone looking for music and signage in libraries and productions has more options than ever, including a new entry this year: Arena Waves. Here are some of the leading bookstores, with many of their clients bringing music to sports in venues, on television, and on the Internet.

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APM موسيقى Music In partnership with Sony Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing, the two largest record labels in the world, it provides content creators with music of a quantity and quality that was previously unimaginable. Available for use in cross-media productions of all kinds, the mix of radio quality, versatility, and ease of use attracts the best sports content creators. Customers include ESPN, Barstool, NFL, NHL, MLB, most P5 schools, growth leagues PLL, PFL and Fan Football Control. sports instagram

Arena Waves It is a pre-scanned music library that offers specialized and dynamic music dedicated to sports, esports and other media content. The curated collection is engineered specifically for sports and live broadcasts with precise cuts and ready for bumpers and features, saving valuable time. Combined with a rapidly growing library of 100,000 tracks (the service launched with 70,000 tracks March 1, 2021), Arena Waves is an impressive lineup of talent and composers and delivers custom music packages in less than 48 hours of any direct order. Designed by audio, music and production veterans, Arena Waves features sports clients such as CBS Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports, MLB, NFL, NBA, Netflix, Amazon and BBC.

Megatrax It has recently successfully roasted its 30-year history as a leading independent music production library by launching a new brand identity with a new logo, renewed brand mission and a newly developed AI-powered music search platform. Its library features 300,000 tracks, a WIZZFX bundle for creative radio photography, and custom music options for any project. Sports related link Sports related link

Born from the original music and sound design of leading brands around the world, The Vault Production Music Library, designed by Stephen Arnold Music, offering over 200,000 audio tracks of curated, up-to-date and relevant content that is updated quarterly. Vault sets a high standard in music production, making the most of the assets that have made it a leader in audio brands. He works full-time with composers who are regularly called upon to distinguish audibly the likes of Golf Channel/NBC Sports, CNN Sports, ESPN, UFC and Top Rank Boxing.And Sony Interactive, and dozens of other brands, networks and sports teams around the world. Sports related link

healthy thoughts Offering over 1,000,000 sound effects, production elements, and royalty-free music tracks for broadcast, live events, post-production, game developers, and multimedia facilities, with lifetime unlimited sync rights with every purchase. Delivery formats include downloads, hard drives, and online memberships. All .wav files are provided with full keyword metadata for search applications. Sports sound effects link

Emmy, Tilly, Addy and Promax Award Winner Warner Chapel Music Production (WCPM) is a leading global company with over 35 years of experience. Headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York City, London, Paris, Nashville and Hamburg, WCPM is owned by music publisher Warner Chappell Music and is part of the Warner Music Group family. In total, WCPM represents over 135,000 unique tracks and 120+ catalogs across popular genres: hip-hop, pop, rock, country and alternative, classical and orchestral, jazz, track music, sound design/SFX, global repertoire, and vintage archives. Additionally, WCPM produces customized music from its studios in Nashville and Los Angeles. New clients include Disney+, ESPN, NBC, ABC, Fox, MLB, EA Games and the “Going to War” UAE Pro League theme. Sports Music Link

VideoHelper It is an independent production and music library that offers music exclusive to broadcasters of sports entertainment (NFL Films, ESPN, MSG, and HBO) and professional franchises (Seahawks, Mariners, Orlando City Soccer Club). Thousands of multi-genre tracks complete a catalog designed specifically for video playback. VideoHelper brings a very specialized breed of music production into sports programming – a type that thinks like a producer and can be easily modified. Our website/search engine makes finding and licensing your desired music faster and easier than ever before. sports link

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