NFL Draft 2022 player files: Virginia Tech EDGE Amare Barno

From now until the 2022 NFL Draft, we hope to explore and create profiles for as many prospects as possible, studying their strengths and weaknesses and what they can bring to the NFL franchise. These players can be from the top 10 potential picks, right up to the day 3 picks and priority free agents. Today, I will be making a Virginia Tech EDGE Amare Barno Profile.

#11 Amari Barno/EDGE Virginia Tech – 6043, 239 lbs.

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player party / weight hand size arm length her wings
Amary Barnaugh 6043/239 9 1/8 33 3/4″ 81 1/8″
40 yard dash 10 yard dash short shuttle 3-cone
4.36 1.49 4.45 Unavailable
long jump my head Punch Press
10’11” 37 Unavailable

The good

– Margin for lateral line speed is very impressive
– It hunts its prey well at the line of melee and beyond
– Long arms allow him to perform yardage savings
– Won’t give up broken tackles when he puts his hands/arms on a runner
– Looks comfortable in a spy role against an NFL QB caliber (Howell & Pickett)
– The brawler plays and no one retreats from the opponent
Provides good awareness and appreciation
Special teams experience


The vast majority of rushing passes are broken
– Straight-line velocity doesn’t mean an off-line blast at a snatch
– Swipe dash moves are limited – wants to use pure power
The swimming action allows the blockers to upset his balance
Spinning develops very slowly
– Tendency to exit play while running in both gaps A and B
– He doesn’t seem to have normal covering skills
Limited college experience – Less than 1,000 shots at Virginia Tech


– 1 year full-time start with the Hokies (18 official starts, 26 games played)
– 22 years old – turns 23 on April 26
Played at Butler Community College in Kansas because of the academics before joining Virginia Tech in 2019
2021: 25 singles, 32 total compressions, 3 bags
Career at Virginia Tech: 48 solo tackles, 49 total push-ups, 9 sacks, 3 push-ups
– 2020 Male All Honorary ACC
– Three star recruit out of high school in Blythewood, South Carolina, and Virginia Tech’s choice over Nebraska, Chattanooga, Florida Atlantic, Marshall and more
One of 11 brothers
– Majoring in public health
– Playing high school basketball

tape collapse

Barno is definitely an athlete and someone the QB players and ball holders would know right away. Its massive frame is easy to notice, and its play is similar to that of a hunter chasing his prey. In the pocket, the QB isn’t nearly as threatening compared to when you’re looking to roll or scramble as Barno will shut down like a missile looking for heat to finish the game. Ball carriers built to run along and play out of ports should be a bit wary of their success if Parno hovers down the line, where he’ll wind up with his long hand. His long arms are also useful in attempts to tackle a sprinter’s stumble diving.

Despite the EDGE rush, swipe rushing skills are lacking. Many of his attempts simply stopped. Parnaud can use his long arms effectively in attempting the initial dash for passes but has had rare success with secondary moves. Most of the time it doesn’t seem like he’s trying to make a secondary or opposite movement. On the occasions when he overcomes a blocker, it seems more surprising than routine.

Here’s an example of a nice play where Parno beats RT while hitting his hands away to form a squeeze.

There are also times when he can push the shock absorber backwards to stop his balance, but more often than not it stops due to the lack of secondary passing acceleration movements.

Make no mistake though as he’s a playmaker, but more in the form of waiting for the lane’s decision and/or ball carrier, as he does here while doing a spy role.

The catch ball carriers and the QB once they decide to take off and run seems to be his current forte as he is able to throw a block on this snap and stop.

In choreographed runs like the one below, most seem to have had very little success as Parno is able to clear a few blocks and stop the chance of running back to hit him on the sideline.


Probability is more likely to identify it as a probability in draft rooms. It offers many positive traits, but if it is to be counted as an EDGE driver in the NFL, development is key. If a situational spy or a heavy use spy scheme is a huge need for an NFL team, Barno is the right person for the role. He’ll hunt and eliminate pocket running threats if he’s playing in the line of scrimmage and a bit beyond. The marginalization velocity sideline is there as it is validated 40 times in the merge, but it is not necessarily used for coverage purposes, at least not at the college level. His covering skills are more than just taking flats and nothing really second-tier. LB’s off-ball shots have been very limited at Virginia Tech with a total of 48 over the past two seasons, so if the team is looking to make that transfer for Barno it will take some time.

As an EDGE-only defender, Parno reminds me a bit of Lorenzo Carter – the former New York Giants’ third-round pick and now with the Falcons. Frame, position, height and speed all mirror each other. When you go back to watching matches about how the Giants also used Carter against a mobile QB like Jalen Hurts of the Eagles, some similarities are also shown. Carter was even more polished when he came out of Georgia in terms of play out of the box and cover.

prediction: Day pick 3

Warehouse Draft Score: 6.6 (Fifth Round Selection) – Backup/Special Staff

Watched matches: v North Carolina (2021), v Pittsburgh (2021), Virginia (2021)

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