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The city has honored nine Rock Island police officers for their exemplary work, including a life-saving award for two officers who spoke to a man about jumping off the Centennial Bridge in November.

“I am very proud of all the work we do,” said Richard Landy, the Rock Island Police Chief during a city council meeting on May 23. “Tonight is a night when we can learn about the extra work and exemplary service that our employees provide.”

Officers Brieanne Lonergan and Matthew Bundy were both honored with a Live Saving Award for their actions on November 21 when they responded to a suicidal man on Centennial Bridge who was broadcasting himself live on Facebook after losing custody of his child.

The man armed with a knife had climbed over the fence and threatened to jump off the bridge. Longergan and Bundy began a conversation with the man, which lasted over an hour as they gradually persuaded him to back off the fence. The man was secured and taken to a local hospital for psychiatric treatment.

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“The subject’s life was undoubtedly saved thanks to the teamwork and skillful negotiating tactics demonstrated by (Lonergan) and Officer Bundy during this tense situation,” Landy said.

Detective Tina Noy, Sgt. Phil Anderson and Sgt. Both Ben Merson received challenge coins from the US State Department to assist them in an investigation involving a former military member who is due to appear in a court-martial.

Sgt. Gary Goins, a former teacher in Milan’s Davenport and Rock Island boroughs, is under investigation for sexually assaulting a minor during a Christmas Eve party on December 24, 2020, while with the US military in Saudi Arabia. .

Noé, Anderson, and Merson collaborated with the State Department to locate and interview many of the witnesses involved in the case.

Goins was convicted of one count of sexual abuse of a child between the ages of 12 and 15, three counts of sexual abuse of a child involving sexual contact and one count of sexual abuse of a child involving inappropriate contact. He was sentenced to 126 months in military prison.

Merited Service Awards

Officers Zachary Costas and Andrew Lawler have been honored with Merited Service Awards for exemplary performance and dedication to work for their roles in the Police Department’s Tactical Operations Division, which was formed for the purpose of tackling violent crime on the streets of Rock Island.

From January 2019 to June 2021, Landy said the teamwork of both officers led to the arrest of several alleged criminals.

“She has excelled at identifying, identifying and apprehending violent perpetrators who are generally armed and intent on using those firearms to further criminal activity and ultimately harm the citizens of Rock Island,” Landy said.

Certificate of commendation

Alex Bowman, a K-9 handler, along with his dog, Sparky Jackson, was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for exemplary performance and dedication to his actions during a traffic stop last year where two firearms were recovered.

On August 23, Bowman began a traffic stop in the Fifth Avenue and Fifth Avenue area. During the stop, the driver got out of the car and Bowman noticed that the person was visibly nervous and trembling. After the dog gave a positive alert on the car, Bowman conducted a search, finding a loaded firearm on the front passenger seat and another firearm in a bag on the back seat. One of the firearms has been reported stolen from Davenport.

The driver was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated use of a weapon and possession of a stolen firearm, a second-degree felony.

Appreciation Certificate

CSI Garrett Alderson was awarded a Certificate of Merit for taking the initiative to become a Certified Latent Print Examiner in 2018.

The certification allowed Alderson to access the ISP Next Generation Identification (NGI) and Automated Identification System (ABIS) at no cost to the City of Rock Island.

“Access to these systems will provide the police department with a comprehensive national database of latent publications that can identify topics that would not otherwise be identified,” Landy said.

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