No. 16 Softball Run – Texas Tech Big 12 Rules, 9-1 (5 inns)

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma. – The 2022 season kicked off after a strong start to Texas’ 16th softball (38-16-1) as the Longhorns had five different players score RBI as they beat Texas Tech (22-27) on Thursday evening at the Phillips 66 Big 12 Championship in Stadium USA Softball Hall of Fame, 9-1 (5 inns).


  • Texans advance to the Phillips 66 Big 12 semifinals on Friday, May 13, to face No. 7/8 Oklahoma State at 4 p.m. BST on the Big 12 now on ESPN+.
  • Texas improved to 29-23 all-time over 19 Big 12 games.
  • The second big baseman Janie Jefferson I went 2 against 3 to extend my base streak to 21 games. This is related to the 11 longest strands in the program’s history.
  • Right fielder student Katie Simos Three RBIs tied her career high (now done three times).
  • Jefferson’s sixth two-stroke was the 50th of her illustrious career at Burnt Orange & White
  • big hunter Mary James She posted two RBIs to reach the 50-RBI mark in one season for the first time in her high-profile career.
  • After entering a restricted NCAA Division I lead in the total doubles Thursday, Texas added one against Texas Tech to improve its all-school record in one season to 96.
  • Jefferson and the third baseman Mia Scott Both scored two hits to bring their multi-hit game totals during the 2022 season to 24 and 18, respectively.

The main players

The second big baseman Janie Jefferson (2 vs. 3, run, double, RBI); Right fielder student Katie Simozzo (1 vs. 3, running, HR, three RBIs); third base student Mia Scott (2 vs. 3, runs, steals); big catcher Mary James (1 for 2, jogging, walking, two RBIs); Senior pinch hitter Lauren Burke (1 vs 1, RBI)

in the circle

big jug Hailey Dolcini (19-7) took the win after allowing one to run three strokes with one walk and seven strokes over 4.0 innings of work. student Sophia Simpson He allowed one hit and walked one while throwing a sluggish fifth inning.

the details

Scott got the Longhorns attack started at the bottom of the first with one skin to the left. With two drops in the tire, the fast driver took off in a second steal. Scott was initially called, but the call was reversed after reviewing the replay of the video. That gave Iakopo a chance for the RBI, and he handed the big catcher into the clutch with a one-dump scoring sprint to the right center to lead 1-0.

Dolcini was locked out of the circuit during the early transition as Ferndale, Calif., hit four of the first six technical players she encountered during the opening two rounds.

The Red Raiders took the board with a one-hit at the top of the third as right fielder Demi Elder rips one through the right side. She was aboard for what seemed like mere seconds as Iacobo quickly shot Elder in an attempt to steal the base’s tracks.

The Texas attack was back in action at the bottom of the third as Jefferson’s base hit the front right, a single Scott punt and a fly ball dropped into the left bagged with no ends. After a rally laden with Iakopo rules to force her into the second round of the competition, a sophomore Alyssa Washington He raised a fly ball to the right which also missed due to a foul that allowed two more longhorns to cross for a 4-0 advantage. The lead quickly expanded to 7-0 as Cimusz climbed into the batter box and crushed HR from three runs to the left of center. distance Courtney’s Day The basal hit and the wild tone that moved the pinch runner Lou Gilbert In the scoring position, Jefferson scored twice in the same inning by firing a double RBI into the center left to make the score 8-0.

TTU eventually broke through to the top of fourth as Ariana Villa’s song up front was cashed by first baseman Ellie Bailey on the RBI twice to the left to cut the Texas advantage to 8-1.

Facing Simpson in relief to start a fifth-place top, TTU got a one-on-one baseball hit from left-back Payton Jackson. The Red Raiders quickly left her stuck in the scoring position, however, on a guard at the end of the turn.

With the chance to get out of the game with a base run in the bottom fifth, Texas immediately benefited. Picnic for once Gilbert and Bella Dayton sac bunt Moves a runner to the scoring position. Burke was called into the competition for a pinching strike and immediately finished things off by leading the first pitch she reached to the left of center to finish a 9-1 (5 down) win.

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