No. 5 Even Hokies Series with No. 7 Louisville


14-35-1, 16-9-1 ACC




Virginia Tech

35-11, 15-9 ACC

Record by period
a team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 s h H

0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 3 8 0

Virginia Tech
0 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 X 4 8 1

W: Drew Hackenberg (9-1)
The: Carter Le Mans (1-1)
s: Henry Wicker (1)

Blacksburg – Bet early before Gavin Cross Virginia Tech’s No. 7 baseball team pulled off a No. 7 in Louisville, 4-3, all the way to the top 10 in the ACC Series at English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park.

The cross was intact on either side of the ball for Virginia Tech (35-11, 15-9 ACC), who defeated Louisville (35-14-1, 16-9-1 ACC) for the first time since the Cardinal joined the league in 2015. A player hired Third-year Tech team to count the first two of the Hokies’ three-run third innings, which later leads to an 8-4 double in time during the eighth inning that wiped out the rules clean for a break Henry Wicker.

Right hand student Drew Hackenberg He was excellent again for technology, improving his record to 9-1 after his six and third innings on the hill. Hackenberg lost seven strokes for the sixth time during the junior season, holding Louisville twice in five strokes as he walked once.

Nick Bedson He went 2 for 5 from pole position to skip hockey, beating one solo to move Tech’s career into the third inning. Jack Hurley And kid hunter Sandwich base hits about nine steps walk to Conor Hartigan To keep hockey alive during the inning, load the rules for Edward Malinowski To bear the sacrifice, she flies into the center field which propelled Tech’s lead to 3-0.

Hackenberg allowed a one-stroke through four innings before Cameron Masterman’s song got up to open the fifth inning from waking up the Louisville bats. Dedicating a four-court run to Logan Beard, Hackenberg conceded his first two goalscoring singles conceded on the day as Brandon Anderson hit a center base to put the Cardinals on the scoreboard.

Although a rookie third base player Carson De Martini Isaac Humphrey and Bird falter in a back-to-back run to start the seventh inning, winning back-to-back singles and sending Hackenberg packages. However, Weycker needed one court to retire the Cardinals, which resulted in a 6-6-3 double play that stifled the rally and kept Tech ahead, 3-2.

Hartigan put the Hokies on a critical lock-down run during the bottom of the eighth inning, cracking Garrett Schmeltz’s one-on-one advantage by Brennan Ryback Raise it as a pinch runner. After three Hunters hit Ryback into the scoring center, De Martini hit one RBI hit down the middle, giving Weycker a two-stroke cushion heading into the ninth.

With rain’s annoying play, Weycker struggled to keep the Cardinals out, hitting Levi Usher before a Malinowski foul introduced the possibility of pegging onto the board. Weycker rebounded off a wet hill and hit Humphrey in the back shoulder, single-handedly surrendering from RBI to Beard, turning the peg into scoring mode.

However, Hurley tracked a fly ball into a sloppy area for a crucial second place before Wicker beat Drake Westcott in three pitches, saving his first football career.

next one
The No. 5 ranked Virginia Tech will battle for an eighth consecutive ACC Series win on Sunday, May 15, when the Hokies host the series finale against No. 7 Louisville. The first pitch at English Field at Atlantic Union Bank Park was moved until 11 a.m. (formerly 1 p.m.).

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