Notebook: Liam Gallagher releases 2 albums today

Liam Gallagher – C’mon You Know Review: His Best Solo Album So Far
what does that mean? who cares? This is pastiche at its best, absorbing memories of the song’s effects and also breaking a weakness and longing now. Or in other words, it’s been tough years and we all want to get out of the mash together, and everyone loves The Rolling Stones. He’s not overthinking, Liam, which is why he’s still filling stadiums and will soon be performing for 160,000 people over two nights at the old stomping grounds of Oasis, Newport Park.

Liam Gallagher’s review, C’mon You Know: Charged rock’n’roll that’s perfect for Knebworth | independent
There are so many individual sheer stands in the Gallagher jacket that it’s hard to resist. His band is on fire with her. Reef ice skating guitars. The drums tremble constantly. Even projectile tracks like “World in Need” (“God Sent”) catch the torch using the jiggling harmonica and maracas hooks. There are a few compositional surprises, too: moments of reggae and dub amid the megalomaniac “I’m Free”, an eerie vibe on “It wasn’t meant to be,” and some unexpectedly popular pick-up of “Moscow Rules.” Things end with the delightful “Sweet Children” song, which conveys the sound of John Lennon spinning on the wheel after the Beatles. Fans will only need to give this album a few laps before they are set to sing in the festival fields. Close your eyes and you can already smell the scent of Stella spilling on the crushed grass. The formula is working.

Liam Gallagher promises to drink until he’s 80 after becoming a teeotal ahead of Knebworth gigs | Daily Mail Online
The 49-year-old former Oasis player recently insisted he’ll be giving up alcohol in preparation for Knebworth’s upcoming gigs, but insisted he’ll celebrate again after shows.

Liam Gallagher said in the documentary Sky: 48 Hours in Rockfield, “I’m not into yoga and I don’t eat tofu. I drink beer and I like to have fun. I don’t punish myself for being a super skinny guy.”

Liam Gallagher says: Oasis p*** all over the Beatles in line with Jamie Carragher – Radio X
He wrote, “Hey Kara, you got a joke for the damn slut you’ve been hanging out with the very tall Neville Oasis all over the Beatles how many times did Kneeworth.”

Liam Gallagher: Come on you know – the former Oasis singer is full of vanity and passion | financial times
He has a good voice throughout, an impressive and charismatic presence in the microphone. The lyrics are split between a rhyming rhyme volume, like The Girl From Camberwell Who Gave Him Hell in Don’t Go Halfway, and Carpe Diem Slogans. Gallagher utters these positive thinking tips with an unsmiling intensity, a life coach in a jacket with his hands folded behind his back. C’mon You Know illustrates the common unspoken phrase of his solo career, “Give them what they want” — but it also goes beyond that.

Liam Gallagher Says He’s Dedicating a Live Song to Noel on His Birthday: ‘That’ll do the trick, right’ | independent
Liam Gallagher has a special cry planned for his estranged brother Noel on his birthday.

Liam Gallagher: Would I give Noel a college? undoubtedly ‘| Liam Gallagher | Watchman
He’s my brother man and I love him. I’ll give you one too, my friend. Do I think he will give me one of his own? yes. He brags about everything. He and all of his fellow celebs just took their assessment. I’m sure they are good people, but they are very insecure. Were you surprised that I became more successful? It depends on what you judge of success. I’m sure Noel is very happy in his world. He wrote and sang some great songs. It’s the sound people want to hear. I could get someone to play 10-pence Noel guitar parts. Noel can’t convince anyone to sing like me. I work hard, give people what they want, and I’m not pretentious. You can’t just go up on stage and play your new album, One through 11, and expect people to come to your parties. You can put some new songs in there, but you have to play the hit songs.

Liam Gallagher – C’Mon You Know / Down By The River Thames Album Review | louder
It’s already set to be Liam’s year – two sold-out Knebworths attest to that. So what better time to present not only C’mon You Know, a third cartoon album that highlights every other pistol-inspired element that its Oasis fan base has come to expect from Oasis, but also Down By The River Thames’ heroic record of his brave live show.

Watch Liam Gallagher talking to the cows and relive the events of Oasis in Rockfield
“Yes, cows!” “Don’t eat it all at once – you’ll get indigestion.”

come on know

Down the Thames

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