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CHARLOTTE – Novant Health will now be able to serve the nearly 900 students plus staff at the Charlotte Lab School with telehealth and remote physical exams through the use of TytoCare’s TytoClinic devices.

Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center Foundation is funding three TytoClinic devices, one for each Charlotte Lab School campus. The program is powered by Novant Health’s Digital Health and Engagement team.

Charlotte Laboratory School is a free public charter school with three campuses, elementary (grades K-1), junior (grades 2-5), and senior (middle: grades 6-8; high: 9-12) schools. About 30% of the student population are children from low-income or housing insecure families.

“The deployment of TytoClinics at the Charlotte Lab School is another step for Novant Health in its journey to increase access to care, removing the barriers our community has to getting the care they need and deserve,” said Amber Fenkle, Novant Health’s senior vice president of digital health and engagement. “Meeting and treating patients, in this case children, who may otherwise not receive care, is how we see healthcare evolving through the use of digital devices.”

Novant Health partners with TytoCare in 2019 to expand access to care. TytoCare specializes in creating remote telehealth clinics.

“The response we’ve seen to the availability of virtual care visits over the past two years and the development of technology has been tremendous,” said Denise Leone, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with Novant Health’s Digital Care Group. “While not intended to replace a child’s primary care pediatrician, through TytoClinic, we will be able to help reduce time spent outside the classroom by being able to see students on demand from Lab School in Charlotte.”

Since October TytoClinic devices at Lab School in Charlotte allow the nurse to use the devices, communicating with a Novant Health provider on demand. Unlike standard video visits, with TytoClinic, Novant Health providers can virtually examine patients’ heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat and abdomen – potentially reducing time spent out of school visiting the ER, ER or doctor’s office. Using TytoClinic, providers can diagnose common conditions such as ear infections, sore throats, fever, cold and flu, allergies, stomach aches, upper respiratory infections, coughs and rashes. The device also measures body temperature and heart rate. Using the research data, the Novant Health provider can offer patients a diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription if needed.

“The support we have received from Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center Foundation and Novant Health has been tremendous,” said Mary Moss, founder and executive director of Charlotte Lab School. “Especially as we enter flu season and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, having TytoClinic devices on all three of our campuses, not only for our students but also for our staff, will give our nursing staff the extra support and collaboration needed to ensuring our students and staff stay healthy and are able to focus on their time in class. We hope to see increased class time, better attendance, less stress for our parents and teachers, improved care and overall healthier students and staff.”

Derrick Buggs, a social worker at Charlotte Laboratory Schoolsaid his school is focused on innovation to meet the changing needs of students.

“We’ve seen how devastating this can be for students who don’t get the health care they need on time — it can leave them behind, taking their focus away from learning and ultimately succeeding in school,” Buggs said. “We are grateful for this partnership with Novant Health and the rapid access to care it will provide our students.”

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