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Michael from Orange Park, Florida

The Million Dollar Question: With all the defensive improvements, could this be one of the top 10 defenses? Top 5? Could it match the 2017 defense?

This may not be a million dollar question, but it’s a good question. I don’t know how to expect a “Top 5” or “Top 10” defense, because I don’t know how good the other defenses are – or where the other defenses will rank. What I can do is anticipate if the Jaguars’ defense will be improved – and it’s hard to imagine that it won’t. I expect high school to improve because of the addition of veteran full-back Darius Williams and because sophomore cornerback Tyson Campbell played well enough – and improved enough – as a beginner anticipating a productive jump in the second year. I also expect the full-back’s off-the-ball play to be improved with the addition of veteran Foy Olokun and juniors Devin Lloyd and Chad Momma; I expect Lloyd to make a huge impact because the off-ball fullback is a place a beginner can contribute fairly quickly, and Oluokun’s NFL production was enough that he should play well right away. I expect the running defense to be good for a number of reasons, including the aforementioned linebackers and the addition of defensive tackle free from agent Foley Fatukassi. The area I would probably watch closely is the freeway. If improved, it will improve sacks and spin – the two biggest areas this defense must advance to make a difference in wins and losses. An improved running defense force on that front should help and provide more opportunities to rush through the pass. With more opportunities to rush the pass, I expect outside back Josh Allen to have an even greater impact. Will rising outside quarterback Travon Walker be polished enough to be a rookie to make an impact on this front? That’s a fair question and we won’t know until the regular season. These two paths can make the difference between a better and better Jaguars defense a lot. Either way, I would expect a significant improvement. stay tuned

I think Devin Lloyd would be the best beginner. what you say?

I’d say there’s a good chance that it does—or at least, there’s a good chance that the Lloyd will have the most easily recognizable influence among the Jaguar’s entry-level class. Lloyd, the 27th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, is expected to start as a rookie. As I mentioned in the previous answer, the quarterback off the ball is a place where a player can make a quick impact because sometimes it’s all about running and chasing – and Lloyd has enough sports that he can make up for some of the natural beginner mistakes as he learns the game. He also has a knack for interceptions and sacks like Blitzer who can make an impact statistically fast. Travon Walker, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, may have a more difficult time making a huge statistical impact because the field will be judged by sacks and pressures. I expect he’ll need to develop his rushing passing techniques, and I also expect abuses will catch up to him at times, both of which can keep his stats low at the start. But I would expect Walker’s presence in general to help the entire Jaguar front – whatever his stats may be. This is my early idea. No one in the 2022 Jaguars’ junior class has trained in pads in the NFL, so these early ideas are…good…early.

Why are you like this? Who hurt you?

I don’t know. I can not remember.

Bruce from Green Cove Springs, Florida

Excited about free agent acquisitions, new rookies (and not included) and veterans. But the process of preparing the team for next season is not very exciting. Everything seems rather routine. Just like most other NFL franchises. no arguing. No scandals. There are no group practice methods. Just a group of good coaches preparing a good group of players. So, John, tell me – who is this team and what have you done to the Jaguar?

This is a fair point. The 2022 season has been quiet and uneventful for Jaguar. There is no speaker in practice and no talk of on-the-job learning. We’ve covered it enough here at O-Zone that I think most readers are familiar with the differences. And it definitely feels more professional. This professional approach does not guarantee results. This is a sport and not a written television, no guarantees. But this approach taken by coach Doug Pederson showed that it can yield results — the results of winning the Super Bowl. That should inspire confidence in the players, and that’s a good start. It is a good foundation. All a head coach can do in the off-season is fix these things, and Pederson seems to have done just that. April, May and June have been good for Jaguar cars. That matters. July through January is much more important than that. onwards.

Jason from the North Pole,

Did the speakers feel weird and funny this time last year or are they easy to make fun of in hindsight knowing how it went?

District, are you able, or allowed, to reveal which veterans have been present this week?

There was a Laviska Shenault Jr. broadband receiver. He was slowed down in practice with an unspecified injury problem of late during organized team activities. James Robinson ran back as he worked the side while rehabilitating his end-of-season torn hamstring that he suffered late last season. Jamal Agnew was involved – perhaps somewhat limited – while returning from a season-ending hip injury he picked up late last season. These were the outstanding veterans I saw on Monday. There may have been one or two others that I didn’t see.

Crash of Glen Saint Mary, Florida

Will Jane Freenet and his band be touring this summer?

I heard about this. Eugene B. “Jane” Frenette sometimes tours with his band, Soggy Hood. Sometimes he does solo or vocal things. He’s also been known to “enter” in clubs and bars throughout the Northeast and make impromptu jams to keep in touch with his people. It’s hard to know where he’s playing for sure because Jen avoids online promotion, and instead believes in word of mouth and what he calls artistic karma. Gene is purity, and equal parts unpredictable and dedicated. It is “a lot”. no doubt.

Didn’t the Jags dock in an OTA workout for something that happened outside of last season? If so, is that essentially negated by taking extra training time to get a new coach? I just haven’t heard anything about her.

In fact, the league initially took two of its 2022 organized team activity practices away from the Jaguars due to unofficial practice violations under then coach Urban Meyer. This penalty was rescinded when the Jaguars changed coaches in this off-season.

The whole fuss about veterans turning off their mandatory mini-camp reminds me of my days as an IT consultant. I’ve been going to small and medium sized businesses to look at their systems to make suggestions and plans to improve operations. Usually if we have been contacted, there was an issue that needed to be addressed. These companies often paid large sums of money for the knowledge and expertise we provided. I’m still amazed at how often business ignores or ignores our findings/solutions because it doesn’t fit with their ideas or assumptions about what actually went wrong. I look at the fans, and they are just as impressed with this as these clients from the past. We pay Pederson a lot of money because he has a qualified background and we are sure he knows what he’s doing. So no doubt here, just let the coach do his work. The job we pay him to do.

O-man: A quick Google search reveals that no head coach in NFL history has ever won a Super Bowl with two different teams. This leads me to two questions: #1, How likely is Coach P to be the one who breaks this limit while training Jags?; Number 2, assuming it doesn’t make its way into the history books, what would you consider a successful period in terms of seasons, wins, post-season appearances, etc.?

It’s hard to describe the Super Bowl title as “potential.” Winning the Super Bowl is very difficult and good teams and coaches don’t always win one – although the presence of quarterback Trevor Lawrence and Pederson gives Jaguar a foundation to make it seem possible. What could success be less? consistent link. Meaningful games December and January. Several appearances comma. Wins there once.

Charles from Savannah, Georgia

If John Oehser 2022 could go back in time and talk to John Oehser 1985, what advice would he give?

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