Only 99 players remain in the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown; Bubble bursts on the second day

Day 2 of the $3,500 subscription WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown at Hollywood, Florida It was full of action on Sunday as a field 659 runners Who started the day dwindled to a mere 99 competitors.

poker news He was on site to catch glimpses of the events of the second day, which started at noon local time Level 11 With 1500/2500/2500 blinds. Here’s some of what happened during the action-packed second day of the tournament event, which will be awarded $1,000,300 for the final winner.

ClubWPT qualifiers knocked out; Lichtenberger Battling

During the opening exchanges, club Eligible Brett Koonswho recently attended a Miami Heat match with WPT Vince Van PattenI got the river in a bowl with the painting reading {8 hearts}{9 hearts}{j-Clubs}{5 clubs}{8-spades}.

His opponent was the first to act and issued a stack of chips to put Koons in everything. Koons thought and eventually canceled for his life in the tournament with about 40,000 left in his group. Show discount {8 clubs}{7 clubs} For river cruises, the Canadian farmer drenched the ground before leaving his seat.

Brett Koons
Brett Koons

Across the room, hanging poker Nick Shulman She opened in an early position to play fate against her Cherish Andrews in the big canopy. Shulman kept betting on reading the flop {j-Diamonds}{4 clubs}{4 hearts} And Andrews called, and the same action happened on {q-clubs} turn or turn.

The {k clubs} River checked and Shulman showed that he ran the winner {k-hearts}{10 diamonds}while Andrews held {j-Spades}{9-spades}.

Other poker pros struggled early in the day, including Ian O’Hara And Chad Evslagthe latter was eliminated during an all-out standoff against a fellow South Florida loyalist.

In Table 9, Andrew Lichtenberger He sat two benches to the left of his teammate at the pro high stakes Brooke WilsonAnd

Talk to “LuckyChewy” with poker news During the first half of his victory earlier this week in Event #31: $50,000 Super High Roller that earned him 638,223 dollars.

Lichtenberger said, “It was an amazing experience. I’ve been working hard at my game, I have so many wonderful people around me, and yes, I really think that’s what makes me so successful. It’s not just my efforts, my motivation and my inspiration, it’s the people I work with and their good feelings; it’s an experience A complete group.

Andrew Lichtenberger
Andrew Lichtenberger

Victory came after a one-on-one battle that lasted four hours against Alex Foxinwho in turn earned $515,587.

“Alex is a great player, and that’s a given,” Lichtenberger said. “And we had a very tough match. I was lucky when it was more important in everything and I think I might have been outdone in some places, to be honest, but yeah, it was really fun and very lively.”

Now looking to take a deep tour of the championship event, Lichtenberger explained poker news How it adapts to the larger field in the smaller buying event.

“In terms of how to adapt your strategy, people probably aren’t technical, so to speak, so there’s a little indulgence in what kind of hands you can play and how aggressive you want to be. It’s more freedom, and that’s kind of the way I think about it.”

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corner stacked in the great hall; Hendrix takes the lead

Later in the day, a group of notable names scattered across just six tables in the southwest quadrant of the great hall.

2015 WSOP Main Event Winner Joe McKean sat at table 2, with Angelina Rich on an adjacent table.

Angelina Rich
Angelina Rich

Meanwhile, the title holder schoten fracture He sat on four seats in Table 4, a few meters away from the player he defeated last year to win the title: Stephen Snyder.

He was sitting near the table 10 in eight seats Adam Hendrickswho recently became one of the chip leaders in the tournament with a total of 900,000, while five-time winner WSOP Soar and a Florida resident Jason Mercier He was grinding it a few tables behind Hendrix.

All time money leader in Alaska took a minute to chat with him poker news Where the players took a second break. He said his second day had been “very smooth” until that point.

“I won a great deal with the Kings for an early ace-queen, and that kind of helped me out,” Hendricks said. “And you know, just a bunch of little pots here and there.”

Hendrix was fresh from his big win at the US Poker Open in Las Vegas, losing the $10K No-Limit Hold’em event to win $211,200 after beating the big stack at the final table Jonathan Little.

Adam Hendricks
Adam Hendricks

“That tournament was fun because Jonathan Little had all the chips on the final table, so I was just a spectator for a while,” he recalls. “And then I was so lucky to meet him a few times, I got up with some hands I could call him, and then from there I dropped him.”

While Hendrix said his strategy won’t change much now that he has a large pool, he said he will look for opportunities to use it to his advantage.

“I can put some pressure maybe in the next few hours on the bubble and hope to make the third day.”

Defend the bubble bubble blast hero

Players are back from dinner to tables that now feature stacks of rectangular time chips, as well as digital shot clocks that give players 30 seconds to make each decision before having to sacrifice a valuable extension.

Towards the back of the Grand Ballroom Poker Coach Lexi Gavin Torn into a pretty pot in Table 30 with her aces continuing as the merchant washes the board. A few meters away, Connecticut’s all-time money leader Stephen Song A young man born in Florida Landon Tice Fight it at the same table.

Before long, the tournament director stopped the clock and announced the start of hand play.

WPT Champions Club Member Well Villa He was in danger of exploding in a hand as he was named WPT Player of the Year 2019 Brian Altman Raised in a triple bet upon flop {8-spades}{6-bestady}{5 clubs} Fayla checks everything.

Brian Altman
Brian Altman

Altman, who covered his opponent well, thought of a call and put his chips on at the end, and turned around {a-Spades}{5 hearts} For lower pair vs. Failla straight nut with {9-spades}{7 clubs}.

“I tried to make it fold!” Faila cried out through the thick New York accent while the merchant waited to turn on the plate. “He won’t fold a husband for me!”

The {P-Spades} In turn, the last thing Faila wanted to see was when Altman picked up the pull of the nut, but his heart returned to his chest when {k-hearts} Complete the painting.

“Marshall, how do you roll a spade on the bend over there!?” Someone at the merchant’s table asked.

“That role took about two years of your life,” Altman laughed to Faila.

The money bubble burst a few minutes later at another table when Schuten, the defending champion, opted for bankruptcy kings. David Colemanwhich is canceled in the four-way bet without prevailing with the board out {9-spades}{6-bestady}{5 diamonds}{6 clubs}{7 clubs}.

schoten fracture
schoten fracture

The 252 players cheered when the tournament director announced that they had the money and a minimum payout of $5,650. By the end of the day, only 99 players were left all together in the quest for the WPT title and first prize of $1,000,300.

Number of slides at the end of the second day WPT SHRPO

Rank player number of chips
1 Mark Davis 3,740,000
2 Mark Exquitter 3,230,000
3 Aram Zbian 3,085,000
4 Alan Rabinovitch 3,010,000
5 Dan Bicavac 2,525,000
6 Adam Hendricks 2,430,000
7 Javier Zarco 2,350,000
8 Komal Shah | 2,250,000
9 Carlos Durca 2,235,000
10 David Moore 2,135,000

Follow the action further as the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown continues by checking out live WPT updates.

Images provided by Joe Giron and WPT

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