Orlando Health has partnered with Andor Health to provide a state-of-the-art digital gateway

Orlando, Florida, November 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Andor Health is accelerating the pace of innovation for healthcare systems by enabling virtual services on demand. ThinkAndor® enables healthcare systems to provide their patients with streamlined and efficient access to on-demand virtual services such as mental/behavioral health, virtual ED and ED triage, virtual nurses and virtual sitting. Health systems can provide cohesive experiences for patients as well as simplify experiences for clinicians, which alleviates burnout and addresses staff shortages. ThinkAndor’s strong digital gateway capabilities, including intelligent adaptive triage, enable health systems to increase access to care while balancing demand across service lines to properly scale resources amid staffing challenges facing healthcare industry.

ThinkAndor®’s digital gateway enables a concierge approach to digital encounters, where an AI-powered virtual assistant guides participants through virtual healthcare encounters, creating experiences that match the way patients traditionally interact with care teams. These streamlined experiences can be seamlessly integrated into existing electronic medical records (EMRs) and patient portals. Health systems that layer their EMRs with ThinkAndor® digital gateway capabilities can configure ideal patient and provider experiences across a variety of care settings without increasing hospital burden.

ThinkAndor’s innovative digital gateway improves access to care by orchestrating and integrating all aspects of virtual care. With easy integration into comprehensive health records, the ThinkAndor® digital gateway improves patient access and right-sizes needs and volumes across service lines by creating patient visibility, navigation and access. Health systems that have implemented ThinkAndor® capabilities have had the following:

  • 64% reduction in unnecessary emergency department (ED) visits by navigating patients to virtual urgent care and primary care
  • 36% reduction in the rate of left unattended (LWBS) in the emergency department
  • 18 minute reduction per patient in door-to-discharge time
  • 2x increase in ED capacity
  • Improved patient safety and outcomes across all patient types/diagnoses with 5% of total virtual volume identified as near misses and reduced in-hospital mortality
  • 23% increase in patient satisfaction scores
  • 24% average reduction in ED readmissions and revisits with post-discharge follow-up and virtual patient monitoring
  • 98% of clinicians report a better overall experience and improved efficiency

“ThinkAndor® has been an essential part of our unified approach to virtual health. As we put our virtual health strategy into action, it became clear that our siled technologies were disconnected, providing unpredictable experiences for our patients and providers. We needed a unified approach that could deliver the world-class experiences our patients are used to,” explained SVP Sunil Desai MD, president of Orlando Health Medical Group. “ThinkAndor®’s digital gateway capabilities increase efficiency by leveraging Epic MyChart and unifying what is being done with different technologies. Patients and providers now have access to consistent, AI-powered experiences in any environment, and our facilities have increased capacity with existing resources.”

By leveraging ThinkAndor®’s digital gateway capabilities, hospitals looking to implement a strategic virtual health program can unify virtual health across all settings, enabling a consistent patient and provider experience. To learn how you can achieve more with AI-powered virtual experiences, visit Andor Health booth 1527 at HLTH November 13-15.

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At Andor Health, our mission is to change the way care teams connect and collaborate. Using machine and human intelligence, our cloud-based platform unlocks data stored in electronic medical records to deliver real-time actionable intelligence to care teams inside and outside their enterprise. By optimizing communication workflows, our solutions accelerate time to treatment, reduce clinician burnout and drive better patient outcomes. For more information visit Andor Hello or follow us LinkedIn and Twitter.

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