The Nebraska native is scheduled to graduate from Stanford University; GoFundMe to help family travel to California | education

Nebraska’s Felicia Moore has spent her whole life working hard, and is about to pay off in June when she gets her degree from Stanford University. For her mom, Shelley Moore, there was no doubt that her daughter had what it takes to succeed. Growing up, Philisha Moore was always goal oriented and driven. Her … Read more

Here’s what to expect from the 2022 summer travel season

What awaits travelers this summer? Experts say the road ahead is fraught with dangers. GT high prices. bad service. Lots of delay. Another COVID outbreak. Anything can happen when you travel this summer. At least that’s what travel professionals are saying about the summer travel season 2022. I interviewed over 200 travel experts to get … Read more

2022 is the year of all-round travel, and here’s why | local work

By NerdWallet French Sally For some travelers, all-inclusive hotels conjure up images of bland food served under a heat lamp in lush, vibrant destinations where guests never leave resort grounds. Lower class wines flow freely (goodies will cost you more), as a few overeating discourage the trip. This picture is changing, as hotel companies expand … Read more

Staycation, again? – New York times

After two years with many travelers staying home, 2022 was supposed to be the year of Big Travel, when flights were checked off bucket lists and the word “staycation” was scrapped forever. Then came the spring’s soaring Covid-19 numbers, record gas prices, the rapid escalation of airline ticket prices — and the war in Ukraine. … Read more

PCT Day 8-10 Julian to Eagle Rock

day eight 77.3 – 86.67 miles This morning we had breakfast at Regulars Wanted in Julian and it was very good! They bake their own bread and the sausage was really great on a sandwich. I also got Hybiscohs kombucha pineapple on tap. That was delicious. In order to get back on the road, we … Read more

Ducks Turn the Tables at Blitz, Rock Shockers

Entering the regional opener against Oregon, Wichita State’s reputation was as a hard-hitting club that could put up a lot of competition. While that was certainly the case, it was the bats in Oregon that made the loudest noise in Fayetteville this evening, as the ducks ruled the Shockers 10-2 in 5 innings. Stevie Hansen … Read more

The hottest travel trends for 2022

2022 marks a new beginning for many people globally, which is quite evident from the rise in the travel and tourism industry. People go on more trips, and travel has once again become one of the best pastimes and entertainment for ordinary people. Let’s look at some of the trends that emerged at the summit … Read more

Business travel is back but graduates may miss it

Companies are dispersing their employees while reducing business trips. Younger workers, who are more eager to travel, are more likely to miss the opportunity to travel for work. Experts say the new style of travel will focus on “human contact” and be less focused on work. Download Something is loading. The focus soon began on … Read more