Piedmont Newnan Hospital Finalizes Community Health Needs Assessment, Implementation Begins

Piedmont hospitals, including Piedmont Newnan Hospital, have completed their respective Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs), part of their regulatory responsibility as part of a not-for-profit health system, and will begin implementing new strategies Nov. 15 to improve of the overall health of the communities they serve.

Piedmont’s Community Benefit team conducted interviews throughout Georgia with more than 200 stakeholders who provided insight into the specific health needs in their respective communities.

“Piedmont exists to serve its communities, and the Community Health Needs Assessment helps us see the areas where our resources can make a positive difference in the lives of community members who are most in need,” said Vice President of the foreign affairs of Piedmont Thomas Worthy . “Piedmont is empowering Georgians by helping them reach their full potential, and by being more responsive to the needs of our communities, we’re helping the citizens of Georgia live healthier, more fulfilling lives.”

Among the priorities the Piedmont Newnan Board of Directors has ratified are:

  • To ensure affordable access to health, mental health and dental care: We will work to ensure that all community members have access to affordable health, mental health and dental care, regardless of income. This includes partnerships with community organizations as well as in-house programming to increase access.
  • To reduce preventable cancer cases and deaths: We will promote both prevention and treatment of all cancers, especially among those most vulnerable to the disease. This includes community screenings and promoting programs designed to support members of the community with cancer and their families.
  • To promote healthy behaviors to reduce preventable conditions, diseases and addiction: We will actively promote healthy behaviors and encourage community members to stop risky behaviors such as smoking. This includes widespread health education and programming, as well as specific efforts aimed at curbing opiate use.
  • To reduce preventable cases and deaths from heart disease: We will promote both prevention and treatment of heart disease and emphasize early detection and healthy behaviors to help reduce risk. We will pay special attention to the populations at greatest risk of heart disease.

“As a community hospital, our goal is to protect the health of the people in and around Coweta County, whether or not they visit us within the walls of our hospital,” said Piedmont Newnan CEO Mike Robertson. “We will engage with the community to promote early prevention, detection, treatment and risk reduction in these key areas to improve the overall health of Cowetan.”

CHNA is a measurement of the relative health or well-being of a community. It is both the activity and the end product of identifying and prioritizing the unmet health needs of the community, which is carried out by:

· Data collection and analysis;

· Attracting feedback from the community and key stakeholders; and,

· Evaluation of Piedmont’s past performance and future opportunities.

Through this assessment, Piedmont is better informed to understand local health challenges, identify health trends in our communities, determine gaps in the current health care delivery system, and develop a plan to address those gaps and identified health needs.

This is the fourth Piedmont CHNA, with others held in 2013, 2016 and 2019. The current Piedmont CHNA will serve as a foundation for developing our community benefit strategies and further strengthening our community work.

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