Malvern, Pa. (USA), Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rajant Health Incorporated (RHI), a developer of cutting-edge technology to deliver on-demand health information, announces Trovomics, a modern and fresh approach to breaking down barriers to omics analysis. The goal of Trovomics is to become a global resource for tangible health-related insights from omics data that are accessible to researchers, healthcare professionals and the general public by applying a holistic approach to healthcare and biomedical research.

“The hope is to improve patient health without the chronic diseases and disabilities of aging,” said RHI Executive Director Robert Schena. “Visitors will find Trovomics’ online interface very easy to use. The Trovomics service takes uploaded omics data and generates interactive and customizable, publish-ready visualizations that people can understand. Trovomics’ focus on visualizations is what sets us apart from the competition. We believe that visualizations are the key to effectively communicating omics results to both researchers and the general public.”

Omics refers to the analysis of large amounts of data representing an entire set of some kind. Omics discoveries examine the totality of information available about molecules such as proteins, lipids or metabolites in a cell, organ or organism. By identifying ourselves or populations through such multidisciplinary methods, we gain a comprehensive understanding that can be applied to multiple health-related applications.

Mr. Shenna states, “The data from omics studies are quite large and require meaningful analysis before any applications. Current omics analysis options can be expensive, complex, and unwieldy. Trovomics makes omics data analysis accessible and actionable. No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is required, so you can support the analysis your hands. The ability to analyze and reanalyze data in almost infinite ways increases the diagnostic yield of a given data set. Trovomics users will continually find new features added to this dynamic set of tools to analyze genetic information in all types of data. They will want to keep coming back to the site regularly.”

According to Temple University researchers regarding their customer experience with Trovomics:

  • “With Trovomics, you can explore so much more. There are many different values ​​or parameters that you can change yourself in the platform. When I want to dig into a single pathway or a group of genes, Trovomics makes it easy for me to do that.
  • “Trovomics always gives me consistent, reliable results that I can trust.”
  • “Before Trovomics, we had to ask someone in another lab for help to do all the analysis and then wait. It also required a level of coding that I am personally unfamiliar with and required additional effort. The Trovomics platform gives me a faster and more insightful result.”

The RHI team has developed a more cost-effective suite of solutions for scientists and academic researchers who need mRNA sequencing analysis, modeling, visualizations and reporting that will accelerate scientific breakthroughs. RHI Board of Directors member John Ekarius notes, “Disadvantages can lead to breakthrough innovation, and the recent pandemic certainly created an opportunity for Rajant to take its demonstrated technology skills in robust and secure communications and apply them to healthcare. Dr. Murray’s Gianna Schena and Emma have taken an entirely new approach to solving problems for researchers facing slow and expensive genomic analysis.

RHI will be demonstrating Trovomics at two upcoming conferences:

    • American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) Annual Meeting, October 25-29, Los Angeles, CA. Stand 2214
    • American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions, November 5-7, Chicago, IL. Stand 2406


About Trovomics

Trovomics is Rajant Health Incorporated’s (RHI) omics analysis service that dramatically accelerates research involving omics data. In Trovomics’ online interface, raw sequencing data can be uploaded, processed and returned to researchers as dynamic, interactive and customizable real-time graphical images in less than 48 hours. This service significantly increases the speed at which researchers can obtain results and, through our interactive interface, draw conclusions about their experiments. Follow Trovomics on Twitter @RajantHealthInc.

About RZI

Rajant Health Incorporated (RHI), based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, is a developer of cutting-edge technology to deliver health information on demand. RHI’s smart products make raw data understandable and actionable for researchers, healthcare providers and everyday consumers so that people can live healthier lives. Revolutionizing health discovery on a global scale is RHI’s mission.


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