Randy Bachman: My Stories About Elvis, Little Richard, Stephen Tyler, And More

Randy Bachman has a career that goes back 50 years, to when The Guess Who had its first hit. Since then, the Canadian icon has had consistent success, not only with the aforementioned band, but also with blues rock rollercoaster that was Bachman-Turner Overdrive. songs like American woman And You haven’t seen anything yet She became a part of rock music folklore. He met some people along the way.

Little Richard

He’s one of the musical idols I’ve ever known. And I played with him on BTO’s album face to face In 1975. I needed a two-track pianist. I told my boss that it would be great to have someone like Little Richard, and he said, “Well, what about the guy himself?” He had just finished a club show in Toronto, where we were recording at the time, so after a lot of negotiation, it was arranged for him to come into the studio.

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