Rock Corporation’s body was found in 1995 as a Delavan man

Jansville, Wes. (WMTV) – The skeletal remains found nearly 27 years ago at The Rock Co. were that of a 20-year-old Delavan man. The Rock’s Sheriff’s Office confirmed his identity Tuesday afternoon and traced how investigators were able to piece together his identity many years later.

According to the sheriff’s office, DNA evidence helped investigators identify the man as Carl Jr. Isaacs Jr. During Tuesday’s press conference, Sheriff Troy Knudson explained that his office was able to obtain DNA from Isaacs’ half-brothers as well as from his father. to confirm his identity.

Knudson added that his family members have been notified of his identity.

Earlier in the press conference, the Sheriff noted that Isaacs were never reported missing. At the time his body was discovered, the main clues to investigators were the musical shirt he was wearing by English heavy metal band Venom and a chrome necklace on a goat with horns that looked like homemade. Both items were displayed in a photo created by the FBI in 2018 as part of an effort to identify the body.

John Clinton Doo(Rock Corporation Sheriff’s Office)

Knudson explained that an autopsy performed after Isaac’s remains were discovered near Turtle Creek, in the town of Bradford, did not indicate how he died. Now that his body has been identified, the Sheriff’s Office of Rock Co. Turn his investigation to solve this puzzle.

Knudson asked anyone with information on how Isaac died or how his body ended up in the woods of Bradford Town to call 608-757-7911.

He also offered his appreciation to the multiple agencies that worked on this investigation over the years, the university that performed the DNA analysis, along with former Rock Co co-coroner assistant Jack Friese who Knudson said spent more than 1,700 hours working on the case. The warden also thanked “literally the generations of Rock Co. Sheriff’s Office investigators who have worked on this case.”

Identification of issues

In a statement Monday, the sheriff’s office recounted how deputies were called to the wooded area near Turtle Creek, in Bradford Township, in November 1995, and how investigators four years earlier turned to the organization that led them to the individual’s name. At the time, they were unable to confirm whether the body was from the area or from a remote location, and Knudson noted that Isaac’s remains were found near I-43.

At one point, isotropic analysis of the bones, based primarily on their chemical makeup, found that the individual was most likely from the Midwest. Al-Sharif said these findings helped them narrow their ongoing search for Isaac’s identity.

In 2018, the sheriff’s office reached out to Project DNA Doe to see if it could help them identify the body. Sheriff Troy Knudson credited project members with providing valuable information to help them identify an individual. Then the sheriff’s office turned to the University of North Texas for their help.

Rock and Dane County medical examiners’ offices provided them with samples for further DNA testing, and on May 25, the sheriff’s office received the results. The sheriff’s office on Monday did not indicate whether the remains had provided investigators with any information about how the person died.

Sheriff Knudson reveals the identity of a man found in 1995 at The Rock Company on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.
Sheriff Knudson reveals the identity of a man found in 1995 at The Rock Company on Tuesday, June 14, 2022.(WMTV/Jeremy Nichols)

John Clinton Doo

Two years before the sheriff’s office reached out to the DNA Doe Project, investigators released to the public a pair of photos they hoped would give them clues in identifying remains found in 1995. The photos represented what they thought the individual would look like. (pictured below)

The sheriff’s office said the body of the man, named John Clinton Doe, was found in November 2015 along Turtle Creek, near White Road and Interstate 140, in the town of Bradford. The sheriff’s office confirmed that the newly identified person is the same person.

The photos showed a teenage man wearing clothes depicting his body type and how he would dress. At the time, the head of the investigation, Jacques Fries, said the images were intended to activate people’s memory.

“The whole idea here is to get people to think about what was going on in the early ’90s in their lives, and did they have a connection to this guy at all,” he said in 2016.

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