Rock ‘n’ Roll donut hits canning class with an insane menu

Back in the day, old temps struggled to define rock ‘n’ roll.

They called him blasphemous and bastard, overly African American and insufficiently understood.

Even today, a lot of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame cases have been made to see who gets entered: Is Eminem a rock star? Should state champion Dolly Parton enter? (And do you want to participate?) Dolly or not Dolly, shouldn’t there be more than 7% of women represented?

So perhaps it’s fitting that some find it hard to get around the upcoming Rock N Roll Donut bar, which will debut in the heart of Cannery Row in New Monterey on Saturday, May 28.

RNRDB brings a lot of crazy on-stage developments to former Johnny Rocket’s and (briefly) Taco Shack Vegan Kitchen at Steinbeck Plaza One.

Note the mermaid cake with raspberry cream, “beach” sprinkles, blueberry frosting, and a white chocolate mermaid tail.

Or a birthday cake with cookie dough flavored with bday cake and whipped cream.

Or everything but bagels with shredded cheese, onions, garlic, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and salt sprinkled on a raised bun.

Other great hits include the flower-shaped cherry pie with chocolate drizzle, the jelly-filled PB&J with peanut butter cream, and the Piña Colada filled with rum and pineapple and topped with coconut-pineapple husks, cherries and canopy.

Then there’s the brand’s Elvis signature with banana whipped cream, chocolate sundae, and crushed peanuts.

Plus, there are exciting savory items, all made with glazed donuts that, as operator and owner Scott Kirkpatrick says, “give you that crazy sweet and savory craze that you never admit in public.”

This includes donut strips with your choice of burger, sausage, and eggs or all three with grilled onions, cheese, baby greens, pesto or tomato jam sauce; grilled cheese with or without grilled onions and pesto; Pizza with donut holes smashed together to make “finger picks” (hehe) with easy-to-remove bits, tomato jam, hot dogs, grilled onions, cheese, and delicate vegetables; Or (fetch) Sloppy Joe cut like pita bread and stuffed with meat, cheese, onions and a choice of sauce.

To increase volume, Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing and Wild Little Thing, Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Stout and Lagunitas A Lil ‘Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale flow from taps, and about 10 IPA come in cans. Wine and mimosa are available in a single serving, bottle or bucket.

So yeah, raise the lighters. Here comes the sounds of calories and solos that deliver a strong, heavy flavour.

If Kirkpatrick had his way, RRDB would have been more ambitious, with wall-hung guitars available for guests to play and encouraging spontaneous jam sessions. (This was dismissed by Cannery Row’s live music frontier.)

Kirkpatrick, a recent transplant in Pacific Grove and father of six, comes to the project after moving from San Diego and recovering from a career in online marketing and business sales consulting, mostly in restaurants.

“There was a clear gap in family entertainment,” says Kirkpatrick, who welcomed the world last month. “When COVID hit, I had to look for my soul, because no one was calling the marketing guy to say thank you. I wanted to build something fun, sell happiness, sell fun, sell community, provide a place where people could gather and have an experience, not just donuts. “.

His wife, Styliana, started ditching her donut recipes, and it soon became what they describe as a “natural decision” to open their own place.

“She was so inspired to do it,” Scott says. “She’s a talented baker.”

Styliana, a native of the Balkans, checked in to what she was most excited about with the new store – while feeding the twins.

“When I moved from Bulgaria to San Diego, I was excited to help create a community, and when we moved to it [the] Monterey [Peninsula], I began to bring rewards to our neighbors to create a friendship circle. When they all said it was really good, that gave us confidence to make this donut cake.”

Saturday’s soft opening features a balloon clown, bubble machine, and face painting from 11am-5pm. The grand opening will be followed by the arrival of a 6-foot-tall donut figurine playing guitar in mid-June. Opening hours are 8am-9pm daily to start with.

With all its intense, inspiring, and absurd creations in play, RNRDB evokes a classic quote from Bruce Springsteen E Street Band guitarist Stephen Van Zandt.

The idea works with the musical genre written by Kabir and the newest Cannery Row at the same time.

“Rock and roll is a participatory sport,” he said. “It’s not negative. It’s not TV. Get out there and enjoy rock and roll.”

More on Rock N Roll Donut Bar’s Instagram page (Patience advised because *reminder*, they have newborn twins).

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