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aOld beliefs say that in the 1970s a group of high school students would meet every day at 4:20 to smoke cannabis. Eventually, one of those kids became a stretch of road from the Grateful Dead, which would propel the ritual into a major event. We all know some iterations of this story, among others that are hard to verify.

Today, 4/20 is nationally recognized. Large groups gather at festivals to celebrate weeds. Corporate sponsors pump money into cannabis events. There are weed contests, celebrity endorsements, and notorious memes. Destiny is pop culture.

So what do you do on 4/20 if you’re looking to dip a bit? My ideal 4/20 consists of celebrating the lounging – lounging and throwing a plate of frisbee in the sun. Kick it and share stories with friends. If this interests you, follow up on how I spent my 4/20 model.


Edible for breakfast, anyone?

I don’t mind if you do.

Early morning snacks are served, which means scrambled eggs and mega fruit juice are in order.

Since it’s a day to celebrate relaxation, the first thing I do is turn on a movie. For every generation, there’s a great click and my pivotal movie is “Pineapple Express.” Is that me or is Rogan laughing? Either way, it’s the perfect way to start blasting.

the noon

I save my plates for tomorrow and fix the bike to get the ride arranged. My chrome cruiser is straight flare and the deck is raised.


Hit the road while I’m sailing. Yellow shades add a warm glow to the day. the sun in the face. Breeze just right. The cosmic journey begins.

1 pm

The refreshing calm after the trip is a good thing so I met friends who agreed to help with the documentation today at The Podski. Sawyer, a product designer, serves as the creative director for the shoot. Dylan, an architect, is our photographer. Sawyer hasn’t been involved in bud smoking in years, but seems frustrated to be convinced to survive.

We trade in all the classic herbal stories: “Once upon a time I was so high…” “The food wasn’t right, so you know, I ate a little more…” “I probably won’t eat that again but damn it was fine at the time.” “.

After a while we found our sleeves rolled and the beer empty. It’s time to start the day. We get eye drops and sunscreen from the Market of Choice. Then on to our next stop, Starfish in Tokyo, for the basics.

2:15 pm

The heat is at its peak today as we enter Miller Landing Park. I’m starting to think we won’t be traveling far today. The photo session is running.

Sawyer fixes positions and Dylan cracks away while I do my best to stand up. Taking photos isn’t on my list of perfect 4/20 activities, but trying to get the crew to play the role of model for the day is fun.


4/20 without a plate of frisbee feels wrong. T-shirts are off and sunscreen is put on. Sawyer shows some skill in catching him between his legs. I miss Sidon completely and I was hit in the face. Dylan grabs the disc and gets lost in creativity trying to arrange the perfect Frisbee picture. If Frisbee is the only thing on the agenda that comes 4/20, this isn’t a bad way to spend the day.


With arms thrown up, the group looked at a pier beside the river. Scanning the park, there’s a scene of kids eating popsicles, sunbathing, siblings playing Spikeball and a sea of ​​pedestrians and cyclists. Of course, a lot of dogs. From my side of sunglasses everything is pure bliss.

4 pm

At this point, all clichés have been hit without any complaints. Get up and bake, check. Stoner Flick, check.

Frisbee, check. And of course, reggae was playing all day.

Sitting on the pier, staring at the water, there is a feeling that the only thing missing from the scene is the fishing line hanging in the water and the people wearing the thread jam blowing smoke in the air. Building a weed over our head puts us in awe for a moment. Nature appreciation time, check.

4:20 pm


One of the last items on the agenda is diving into a three-way conversation. Fortunately, the man approaches with a chair and his dog. He’s not shy and jumps right in to talk about our virtual world, while he’s his FaceTimes friend. Cosmic links have been introduced. The conversation cools down with no direction for some time. Once the fourth dimension is thrown, my mind spins and I’m out. Was that conversation gibberish or genius?

6 pm

The snacks finally arrived and they can’t be ignored. Treating ourselves, we walk to Jackson’s Corner for fine dining and order everything on the menu. Not really, but the temptation is there. Dishes are polished, munchies are defeated.

the end

It has now been exploited. Back home, it’s time to flip an episode of Action Bronson’s “F***k, That Delicious” and pass out.

Going in today I didn’t know what a perfect 4/20 would be. It felt like something could not be in a table. It turns out to be a day when I’m comfortable and relaxed wherever I am, and a little more THC than I thought I could still take. The live music show may have been the scoop on the cake, but honestly, I can celebrate a day like that year after year with complete satisfaction. Here’s to find a chill in your 4/20!

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