San Francisco tech billionaire supports Chiesa Bowden but gives SFPD a million dollars

In a city that doesn’t agree on much, it’s widely accepted that San Francisco cops are in the dumps. Sad. with disappointment. Suffering from low morale.

Whatever you call it — and many people would call it collecting pay for not doing a lot of work — it’s not good for crime victims or their communities. So how are you going to do about it?

Like many tech billionaires who see a problem that needs fixing, Chris Larsen thinks he has an answer. The co-founder and CEO of Ripple, which helps people send money online via blockchain technology, created the San Francisco Police Community Foundation and seeded it with $1 million.

Each of the city’s 10 county stations will receive $100,000, and police officers will devise ways to spend it to promote a better work experience for themselves or to better engage with their communities. The proposals will be reviewed by an all-civilian board of directors before the money is spent.

Ideas floated so far include new sports equipment, better technology at stations, festivities to celebrate special occasions, food for community events and donating money to important neighborhood causes on behalf of the police.

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