School criticized for trying to make a girl with cerebral palsy climb a rock wall

A woman defending her cerebral palsy daughter against school officials is receiving widespread support from Reddit users.

The woman resides in Australia and was posted under the username u/TA_AITA_BadMum in the “Am I The A**hole” subreddit, asking if she was wrong “for refusing to allow my daughter to be held after school and threatening to pick her up?” The post has been voted on more than 13,200 times.

An Australian teen with cerebral palsy allegedly yelled at a gym teacher who didn’t believe her diagnosis and wanted her to climb a rock wall.
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She explained that her daughter Amanda, 13, “is able to walk independently but cannot walk for long periods of time.” They also cannot walk on uneven ground without assistance, so stairs require rails and avoid rocky or sandy surfaces.

The teen has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) that lets teachers know what she can and can’t do physically, such as in a physical education class. Her mother added that Amanda takes the bus home, even though she can only take one designated route because the other routes drop her up to a mile from the house where there is no footpath.

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Amanda reportedly had an argument with her substitute teacher at the gym, which her mother found out about due to a call from the school.

The teacher allegedly asked Amanda to climb a rock wall during class, to which she replied that she couldn’t and said she had cerebral palsy and IEP. But another child reportedly also claimed to have the same condition, which made the teacher suspicious of Amanda’s case.

The teacher didn’t believe her and insisted, and standing over her, Amanda told him “f**k off” and would repeat nothing but “f**k off” until she was sent to the office.

“The teacher didn’t believe her and insisted, and standing over her, Amanda told him ‘f**k off’ and she wouldn’t repeat anything but ‘f**k off’ until she was sent to the office,” her mother said.

According to the school handbook, such an offense requires same-day detention. Amanda’s mother said her husband was away and she had to work late, and Amanda couldn’t take a different bus route because there was no pedestrian path from the alternative bus stop.

Amanda’s mother offered to compromise and make a week of arrests at lunchtime.

The school allegedly said the bus predicament “seems like a corollary,” adding that the principal alleged Amanda’s mother was “making excuses” for her daughter.

The poster said, “This is not your average child who refuses to do something, is rude and deserves a long walk home as well as being held.” “This is a child who could be seriously harmed if she is forced to walk this far and this way.”

The school eventually agreed to a two-day detention for lunch, though the poster said that even her sister said she might have been overprotective about the situation. The mother added that after Amanda did the grounding, she apologized to her daughter and has since been “unfounded”.

She also gave Amanda the option of issuing an apology to the teacher and the school if she saw fit.

She added that a meeting is scheduled for Monday during which she will meet the principals and find out how the whole situation unraveled in the first place.

Redditor’s reactions: Pride and Fury

Redditors praised the way she handled the situation, as the mother of a child with cerebral palsy.

One person described by a Redditor as disabled said: “Your child was not at all wrong for standing up to a male-authority adult who was using threatening postures to enforce compliance after ignoring his legal obligation to support her necessary medical amenities.” “It is this teacher who needs discipline, he is not fit to perform the duties of his job.”

Another user said: “The PE teacher needs to face the consequences of his behavior.” “I will not speak to the principal about this because the principal in question appears to be incompetent. I will contact the school board and report this behavior to each person and their mother.”

Another said, “…there are cases where asking someone to stop. over and over again. is necessary. This is one of those cases.”

NEWSWEEK I reached out to Amanda’s mother for comment.

Is cerebral palsy common?

The Australian Cerebral Palsy Alliance said individual support groups or programs are available for children with special needs, including support from school staff in planning meetings and communicating with other parents who can also provide advice and information.

Cerebral palsy usually appears in the first 12 to 18 months of life, the coalition added, and in Australia, it is estimated that a child with the condition is born every 15 hours. Globally, cerebral palsy occurs in 1 out of every 400 births.

That being said, it’s not the first time someone with cerebral palsy has made the news.

A 24-year-old British man with cerebral palsy has been kicked out of a vacation trip because his wheelchair was “too heavy” to hold a conveyor belt.

A married couple was recently accused of killing their 17-year-old son who had cerebral palsy, after he was found to be “extremely underweight” and had “bed sores” on several areas of his body, according to police.

But, in the good news, a Florida high school student who’s used a wheelchair his whole life surprised his classmates when he was able to walk across the stage.

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