Should Baker Mayfield feel ‘disrespected’ by Brown?

The Cleveland Browns Tell Baker Mayfield It will be the first quarterback for 2022. Tell everyone. that they He said it right away After the season, in January. delusion He said it again during the NFL Scouting – March.

In mid-March, they tried to tell Mayfield again, after being initially told they were out of the race for Deshaun Watson. However, Mayfield requested a trade, and Brown was able to strike a deal with Houston Texans for Watson a few days later.

A few weeks later, Mayfield is still with Brown, still upset.

“All respect will be a personal opinion,” Mayfield said in his first public comment since the Watsons were acquired by the Brown family, on the Hey Neva You Know podcast. “I feel disrespected, 100 percent, because I was told one thing and did another completely. That’s what I’m in the middle of right now. And you know what? Four different coaches in four years, a bunch of different coordinators.”

And a bunch of different results.

After a 2021 campaign riddled with injuries and poor performances, Mayfield will play for a new head coach and coordinator in 2022. He just doesn’t know who. There are still a few teams in the market for a fresh start after moving several quarterbacks through free agency. The former No. 1 overall pick will likely wait until the 2022 NFL Draft, which features a handful of potential first-round QB picks, for the trader to appear.

“If it had been about a week and a half ago, I would have said Indianapolis,” Mayfield said. “Seattle? I mean, it’s probably the most likely option. But until then, I have no idea.”

“I am not nervous. I have no idea where I am going, but I am not nervous. I have been through a lot of revolutions – in the past few years, but now I am in control of I can control.”

He has no say on where his next home in the NFL will be unless Brown cuts it off. It’s an unlikely scenario considering he’s within close to $19 million for the upcoming season. But Mayfield is simply looking for a fresh start.

“I’ve talked, I’ve talked about highs, and they always come back,” he said. “I had a great time in my rookie year. I didn’t start at the beginning. I came and had fun in the back half of the year. 2019 was fun. 2020 was great – making the playoffs. 2021 was miserable. It’s like (roller). I’m just looking to settle down now .

“I know what I have to do to be the best version of me and be able to lead an organization. I’m in a good position now.”

On First Things First, Chris Broussard explained why what Mayfield called “disrespect” is really just a football business and that he could help his cause by showing more self-awareness while looking for new work.

“It was unfortunate that this was leaked [the Browns] They were meeting with Deshaun Watston and Baker found out about it through the media. Broussard said… Still, Becker needs to realize that this is business. “The bottom line is that the NFL business — and mostly all business — is about production. And if you’re not an elite-level producer in your profession, they will always look elsewhere.

“And you’ll come across as two-faced or disrespectful because while you’re in the building and while you’re in the middle… they’ll tell you all the right things, and they’ll work with you on improving the team because they might have to go with you. But while they’re doing that, they’ll also see if they can. improve someone.”

According to Nick Wright, Mayfield is not right about everything, but he is right in this position.

“This whole process was handled in an unorthodox manner, and of course Becker has the right to feel that he has received more respect, dignity and more professionalism from the franchise that, before he became the primary midfielder, was the worst franchise in all of the professional sport in this country.. . 30 years “.

“[The Browns] They had good players before Becker, and they were miserable, terrible every year because they couldn’t get the quarterback right. They got the right quarterback, and the moment they thought, ‘Okay, we can make it right,’ they not only threw Becker to Wolves but did so in a haphazard and awkward fashion. So it was respectful of course.”

Baker on the Brown: “I feel disrespected.”

Baker on the Browns:

Watch Nick Wright explain why he agreed to disrespect Cleveland Mayfield.

On the flip side, in “Speak For Yourself,” Emmanuel Acho defended the Browns’ trade for Watson but not the way they dealt with Mayfield during the process.

“The Cleveland Browns didn’t honor what Baker Mayfield had done for them, think how toxic the Cleveland Browns were before Baker Mayfield,” Ako explained, prompting their many previous criticisms in the first round of QB amid what was the longest drought in the NFL. American foot.

“Baker Mayfield settled one of the most unstable in football.”

Baker Mayfield feels ‘disrespected’ by Brown

Feel Baker Mayfield

Emmanuel Akko reacts to Baker Mayfield’s comments and explains how the Cleveland Browns did not respect him.

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