Slap you with a flag! – 4/14

Court tune – 4/14It’s tune time for court Thursday! Today, Kourtney wants you to name the song and the song you sampled from! How fun! Play with us!

Innovative Thera-Wishbone Massage ToolIf you have muscle aches or tired feet, it’s time to “wish” about the pain! Justin Ten Eyck has created a patented massage tool that mimics a massage therapist’s hand, and Jordan Segundo checks it out!

Slap you with a flag! – 4/14We invite Professor Stark to bring you the latest in the scientific world, it’s time to slap you with science!

Sacramento SPCA Pet Week – Meet Balto!Let’s head to the Sacramento SPCA and meet Balto, our pet of the week who is also a very good boy! With the Sacramento SPCA, Natalie helps introduce us!

The next generation of prenatal imagingThe Next Generation of Pre-Film has a whole new location in the Arden – Arcade, this location features a very large test room capable of accommodating up to 13 family members! They also have a shop full of mom and baby related items that were bought from local mom-owned businesses, Laurie Wallace is right there for a tour!

Dave’s Barber Shop 102nd AnniversaryAshley Williams is in Lincoln at Dave Barber’s store and it’s a bittersweet occasion. See what happens!

Joke of the day dadCheck out today’s dad’s joke today

Reboot “Rugrats”We talk to the voices of Angelica and Susie on the new “Rugrats” Reboot as he gives us a sneak peek at the new show on Paramount+.

Sacramento police investigate Thursday morning shootingDetails here: According to the police, at approximately 2:32 a.m., they responded to calls regarding the shooting at the 5900th Building of 67th Street When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered that three cars had been shot and one man had been wounded. A bullet wound does not pose a threat to his life. Learn more about these stories and more at Subscribe to us on YouTube: Watch CBS13 news live in its entirety at 10pm and 4, 5, 6 and 10 at

Johnnie’s Jams featuring director Jonathan Merris and executive producer MorganIn this version of Johnnie’s Jams, director Jonathan Merris gets help from executive producer Morgan to select songs for the duo. As you can see, we got a visit from Executive Producer Morgan…Do You Know These Nannies??

Question of the day – 4/13Tina wraps up a presentation on Wednesday with the question of the day: What did you learn from your first job?

wiki who? – 4/13John brings us another version of Wiki Who? It gives us facts from Wikipedia pages of famous people from all over the world. Today, our featured subjects are Andy Garcia, David Letterman, and Ed O’Neill! Play with us!

Local golf champion!A week before Scottie Scheffler escaped with his victory at The Masters, a local teen dominated the Greens at the Augusta National! Jaden Dumdumaya, a native of Fairfield and Samur at De La Salle High School, won the Drive, Chip & Putt Challenge for his age group (14-15). Molly Riehl in Haggin Oaks, and she stars as the teen star!

Dispatch estimate weekThis week is National Dispatch Appreciation Week, and Tina Makuha is at the Sacramento Call Center, helping the CHP learn about the valuable work that dispatchers do locally and nationwide!

Earth Month Products with Haute TapeApril is Earth Month, and Heather Smith from “The Haute Bar” joins Courtney with products that care about you and Mother Earth!

Good Day Rewind – 4/13If you thought you might have missed a funny moment from today’s show, here’s where you can find it! It’s a good day to rewind!

Outside fire spreads in Modesto fast food restaurantA fire destroyed a fast food restaurant in Modesto early Wednesday morning.

A man accused of killing his mother, her boyfriend tried to buy a gun days agoDennis Lynch, the Loomis teenager accused of stabbing his mother and old boyfriend to death, tried to buy a gun three days before the couple’s bodies were discovered inside their home.

Elk Grove Brewfest is back!After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Elk Grove Brewfest is back! Laurie Wallace at Elk Grove and give us a sneak peek at this weekend’s event!

Arasili Farms Goddess FestivalAshley Williams is at Araceli Farms in Dixon and gives us a sneak peek into their Goddess Festival. See how you can experience this great event!

Camp at Hearst Horse FarmMolly Riehl in Wilton at Hirst Horse Ranch showing us the horses! Watch these beautiful creatures on this wonderful farm!

Teen Melody – 4/13Tina is here with a tune Wednesday for teens! You’ve got us a mix today, play with us and guess the songs!

Camping at Hearst Horse Farm – WiltonDo you like camping? How about camping in an arm? Molly Riehl is at Hirst Horse Ranch in Wilton, and find out how you can book a few camping nights on their ranch!

The author of “Bambi Boom Boom” is joining us!When she’s not singing all of Tina Turner’s songs as a famous impersonator, Keisha Wright has time to write children’s books too! She joins Courtney to tell us about her book Bambi Boom Bon!

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