Stephen Wilson: I never planned for the porcupine tree to end for so long

This interview was conducted for the 300th issue of Classic Rock magazine, launched in 1998. The anniversary edition is available for purchase online, and also includes interviews with Gene Simmons, Def Leppard, Alice Cooper, Jedi Lee, Justin Hawkins, Rick Nielsen and Slash And many more.

Despite releasing five albums in a 12-year career, Porcupine Tree was only on the periphery of the music scene when traditional rock music Presented by it, in the fourth issue.

In what turned out to be a rare outburst, during a debate about the limits of progressive rock, Stephen Wilson, who is usually a media expert, was resorting to the comparison with Yes, declaring their latest production “absolute silly poo.”

However, his position has always been that new ground must be broken with every creative project. And that refusal to just give people “more of what they want” has led to an impressive solo career with six albums to date. After their unexpected reunion, later this year Porcupine Tree released a new album titled closure / continuation The first in more than a decade.


What are your memories of shooting Classic Rock in the fall of 1998?

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