Susquehanna Valley Chorale enjoys the music of Elton John, Queen in concert | applause

After a two-year hiatus, the Susquehanna Valley Chorale is back in personal performances this month and will once again bring the popular Pops Party to the Susquehanna University campus, Friday.May 13 and SaturdayMay 14 7:30 p.m., at Weber Auditorium, 514 University Ave. , Selinsgrove.

The 55-member choir will present this year’s Pops concert featuring Queen music, along with songs by Elton John and Billy Joel. The show will feature over 50 vocalists, SVC’s theater troupe, and many talented SVC members as distinguished soloists including: Sarah Finney Kelly of Lewisburg, Steve Jordan of Lewisburg, Marina Gresh of Danville, Amy Caron of Selinsgrove, and Christopher Lotts. , holds an SVC Student Scholarship. Fred Hopper will return as Emcee and SVC Music Director Bill Payne will serve as lead.

“This year, our Pop Pops celebrates three iconic musicians of the 20th and 21st centuries and is filled with songs that are part of their massive discography,” said Payne. Quinn, along with vocalist Freddie Mercury, has been hailed as one of the greatest and most original bands in music history. Elton John continues to capture the attention of audiences around the world, and the legendary voice of “piano man” Billy Joel is one of the best selling music artists in the world. all ages.”

Sarah Kelly has been singing with SVC since fall 2002 and has been a longtime soloist. She is also a member of SVC Limited.

Kelly said the music they’ll be performing is what she grew up listening to as a child, so this concert will be especially special for her.

“The music you heard when you were a kid and especially as a teenager sticks with you, so I know all that music, the lyrics, and oftentimes even the harmony,” she said. “The biggest surprise for me was the great variety in the music that Elton John composed. How many people know that he wrote many musicals?”

Alec Borman is a student at Bucknell University and recipient of the Rudnitsky Tenor II Scholarship. He has been with the Susquehanna Valley Chorale since the fall of 2019, a member of SVC Limited, and featured debut soloist.

Borman said he’s also familiar with the concert roster, as his entire family consists of Elton John and Freddie Mercury fans.

“I have vivid memories of hopping around my living room with my brother listening to my parents blasting ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Tiny Dancer,’ while my parents enjoyed singing – which was like screaming – the lyrics,” he said. “I also listened to a lot of Billy Joel in high school, where an a cappella group sang songs like ‘Uptown Girl’ and ‘Piano Man’.

SVC will perform many hits and familiar songs, including Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions”, Elton John’s “Rocket Man”, “Crocodile Rock” and Billy Joel Wolf’s “It’s Still Rock” for me. Borman will perform the duo on two of Queen’s songs: “Somebody to Love” with Kelley and “We Are the Champions” with Jessica Strouse.

“These two songs were an integral part of my childhood and required vocal strength, so I am thrilled to present them in front of an audience!” Borman said.

Kelly said that she totally enjoys Pops parties, where they get the chance to let loose a little and sing such fun music. However, she is looking forward to this party more than usual, as her daughter Katie is in the choir with her.

“It would be nice if you were with me on stage; we even sing together in one of the solos.” “I think any of the audience members who have attended previous Pops concerts will have more fun than ever before. We have great music, great voices – including all our scholarship students – and a great band and theater. This music will make people dance, in their seats or in lanes!”

“A fun clapping and trampling time is guaranteed as SVC, theater band, and soloists bring this great music to the Weber Auditorium,” Payne said.

Borman believes this performance will be a great comeback for SVC.

“As our first in-person concert since the pandemic, Quinn, Elton John and Billy Joel will absolutely stun the crowd and show why they miss us!” He said. “I hope everyone in the crowd will wake up, sing and dance, and feel like a teenager again with these great songs from Quinn, Elton John and Billy Joel!”

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