Delta continues to focus on improvement in the hot summer travel season

Editor’s note: This article, originally published May 26, was updated June 16 to include new operational information. Delta’s commitment to better performance shows progress in the first half of June following actions to improve our customer operations. For June weekends month-to-date, Delta Network System weekend cancellations are down 35% from May.1 The local on-time arrival … Read more

FAA and airlines scramble to reduce summer travel delays

WARRENTON, VA – During a morning meeting in early May, staff at the Federal Air Traffic Command center cleared some of the day’s snags: storms off the Florida coast and in Texas, an exercise for military aircraft, and a report of a strike bird at Newark Liberty International Airport. The center, about an hour’s drive … Read more

These travel exploits can find huge deals on air tickets in summer

Looking for airline tickets? Pull this trick out of your pocket all year long. GT TThe good news is that summer tickets have peaked. The bad news is that they’re still very high. “The reality is that the cost of travel is very high this summer, higher than we’ve seen before,” says Hayley Berg, chief … Read more

Tips on how to avoid the air travel craze this summer

Mask mandates have been lifted, travel restrictions have fallen, and travelers, who have been waiting for their time over the past two years, are impatient to take their vacations after the pandemic in droves. Unfortunately, the airline industry appears to be finding itself unprepared to handle such a volume of passengers, which has led to … Read more

US raises COVID-19 testing requirements for international travel

The Biden administration has canceled its requirement that international travelers test negative for COVID-19 within a day before boarding a flight to the United States, ending one of the last remaining government mandates designed to contain the spread of the coronavirus. A senior administration official said Friday that the mandate will expire early Sunday morning. … Read more

Summer travel deals are few and far between — but here’s how to save

From Gas price hike For meteoric airline ticket prices, the cost of travel in the US is skyrocketing – exacerbated by massive reductions in capacity. Airlines are cutting more flights from their schedules because they were overscheduled and understaffed. As a result, nearly every flight is full and Air tickets keep increasing. Many hotels – … Read more

Will the airport chaos continue in the summer? Top tips from industry insiders

We are all hungry for a vacation. With entry rules in many countries ending and concerns about travel easing, many people are hoping to get away this summer. But the excitement of traveling abroad has been marred by chaos at airports, flight cancellations and hours-long queues. Although travel restrictions may be loosened, recent problems at … Read more

Travel is back and busier than ever. Here’s why passengers aren’t happy

Airports are crowded, flights are crowded, and air travel in the US is back in full swing, but the return to the skies in the wake of the pandemic hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing: Passengers seem to be behaving more badly than ever, canceling flights. I feel increasingly popular and airlines are raising their prices … Read more

Airlines are facing a severe shortage of pilots as the summer travel season approaches

Carolina Larson was in her mid-30s working at an investment bank in New York City when she overheard a co-worker talking about flying lessons. Soon she was taking lessons at the same flight school and planning to change her profession. “I emptied my 401(k) and maxed out my credit card and borrowed money from friends,” … Read more

The ‘Vengeance Journey’ started in 2021, but really comes back with revenge in the summer of 2022

The term “revenge travel” has become a popular way to describe consumers dusting off their itineraries that have been halted by the pandemic, but 2022 is poised to be an even bigger payoff for dog days in 2020. That’s because travel and all of its incidental spending is back even stronger compared to last year, … Read more