Tech companies offer abortion assistance after Roe v. Wade

“I think it’s very useful to help us understand how people respond to laws like SB 8 or the repeal of Roe v. Wade,” Andersen said. He was referring to SafeGraph data and its use in research measuring the effects of the Texas Senate Bill 8, which bans most abortions after six weeks, and the … Read more

More than 80 former Chuck Schumer employees work for Big Tech

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s extensive ties to big tech companies have raised the specter of the powerful Democrat blocking much-needed antitrust legislation that his party is pushing. More than 80 former salaried employees of the New York lawmaker have used their time with Schumer to secure prestigious jobs, working directly with companies such as … Read more

Yelp pays employee travel costs to access abortions

Welcome back to our workplace newsletter. Today: Why tech companies are paying employees who need to travel out of state to access abortions, Google’s $9.5 billion investment in data centers and offices, and more data on why your employees are at risk of flying. — Michelle Ma, reporter (E-mail | Twitter) Yelp, Bumble, and Apple … Read more

Tech calls for privacy law to stave off antitrust reforms

Hello, and welcome to Protocol Politics! You may be hearing a lot about specifics from Big Tech again, but it’s actually about the momentum behind antitrust reform. I will explain. Plus, injuries to Amazon warehouses are up, the true story of the business deal with Uber and Lyft, and Yelp and new broad coverage of … Read more

Texas’ Greg Abbott feels warm about big tech but despises social media

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has described himself as “taking a stand” against big tech companies – but some critics say it’s an embarrassing look as he rushes to lure jobs from Silicon Valley. The 64-year-old governor — who last month won the Republican nomination to pursue a third term in Lone Star — unveiled a … Read more