Homes Fit for the King of Rock and Roll: A Peek at Elvis Presley’s Abundant Properties

With the Elvis story slated to hit theaters this month, we’ve decided to take a peek at the many harmonious homes of music legend Elvis Presley. Everyone knows he’s in Graceland, but the King of Rock and Roll had a number of other places he called home. Over the decades, many of the places Presley … Read more

Airlines are facing a severe shortage of pilots as the summer travel season approaches

Carolina Larson was in her mid-30s working at an investment bank in New York City when she overheard a co-worker talking about flying lessons. Soon she was taking lessons at the same flight school and planning to change her profession. “I emptied my 401(k) and maxed out my credit card and borrowed money from friends,” … Read more


If you’re a retiree considering summer travel either domestically or overseas, and you’re hesitating, it’s no surprise – there’s plenty to consider. “When considering travel, weigh the risks,” says Dr. Stuart Campbell Ray, MD, professor of medicine with experience in COVID-19 at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Nobody wants to get sick on vacation. However, if you … Read more

The ‘Vengeance Journey’ started in 2021, but really comes back with revenge in the summer of 2022

The term “revenge travel” has become a popular way to describe consumers dusting off their itineraries that have been halted by the pandemic, but 2022 is poised to be an even bigger payoff for dog days in 2020. That’s because travel and all of its incidental spending is back even stronger compared to last year, … Read more

Tricks to find summer travel bargains

The majority of Americans — 7 out of 10 — plan to travel in the next 12 months for leisure, according to a February NerdWallet poll. Many Americans are looking to travel this summer, and most are hoping to find a good deal. Air travel is almost back to pre-pandemic levels. The number of travelers … Read more

Travel rewards are often more lucrative than cashback. Answer this 5-question quiz to see if the Travel Rewards Card is right for you

Is a Travel Rewards Credit Card the Right Choice for You? Getty Images With more than 6 in 10 US adults likely to take at least one vacation this summer, according to a new study from Bankrate, you might be wondering if it’s time to apply for a credit card with travel privileges. But just … Read more

Something’s cooking in Kansas City’s tech scene — could it be a renaissance?

The golden jubilee of Kansas City is about to happen. Nearly 50 years after opening its airport, as well as a glittering sports complex for a soccer field and baseball park, named after original son and former president Harry S. Truman, the city is ready for a long-overdue renovation. The jewel in the Renaissance’s crown … Read more

Dozens of stocks in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index experienced their worst quarter ever, as technology shares plunged in value by nearly $2 trillion.

The stock sale at the start of 2022 led to the worst quarter in history for dozens of S&P 500 stocks, as investors punished pandemic darlings and high-value tech companies, and knocked out nearly $2 trillion from market capitalization. Tech companies received the brunt of the first-quarter sell-off that was felt all over Wall Street, … Read more

Tech CEO plots spring-break trip to Ukraine to help employees keep working amid Russian invasion

Andy Kurtzig and his family plan to spend spring break at a destination that most are fleeing. The JustAnswer chief executive, along with his wife Sara and their three kids — Jamie, 17; Kelly, 13; and Kai, 12 — are stuffing their suitcases with medical supplies, drones and body armor for a week-long trip to … Read more