The makers of ‘Onyx Experience’ talk about how much black rock music loves them

TORONTO — Director Andrew Hamilton says his new musical, The Onyx Experience, is not only a poignant celebration of Canada’s underappreciated black rock scene, but a rehab for a musical genre he’s been told it couldn’t be of its own making. The film maker remembers being a passionate rock and metal fan growing up in … Read more

Fuzz, reactions and folklore of a legendary Japanese rock band

With just fluff, ooh-wah, tape delay and amazing wattage tweeters, Takashi Mizutani’s sounds from his electric guitar were incredibly seismic. He had never played five notes when someone in limbo would, his mastery of the guitar was in the feel, texture, and net tremors of the ground and vibrato of his instrument. Listening to Mizutani’s … Read more

Flying Dad Rock | movies | Weekly mode

Tom Cruise’s stardom is based on an oxymoron. Cruz is so cheesy and eager to please — so all-American, timeless, committed, enthusiastic, and idealistic, according to the rules of lackluster masculinity — that he surveys as super weird. And when he’s at his game, he’s intentionally funny. Strangeness said, demonstrating a sense of need despite … Read more


If you’re a retiree considering summer travel either domestically or overseas, and you’re hesitating, it’s no surprise – there’s plenty to consider. “When considering travel, weigh the risks,” says Dr. Stuart Campbell Ray, MD, professor of medicine with experience in COVID-19 at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Nobody wants to get sick on vacation. However, if you … Read more

Tricks to find summer travel bargains

The majority of Americans — 7 out of 10 — plan to travel in the next 12 months for leisure, according to a February NerdWallet poll. Many Americans are looking to travel this summer, and most are hoping to find a good deal. Air travel is almost back to pre-pandemic levels. The number of travelers … Read more

IAC sees bargains in technical assessments. It is ready to shop.

font size IAC was founded by former film mogul Barry Diller. Leungphotography / Dreamstime With sharp cuts in tech stock prices, online holding company IAC is on its way to more deals. IAC (Stock Code: IAC) has been buying, building and selling online businesses for the better part of three decades. Founded in 1995 by … Read more

‘Real Life Rock’ review: Finding treasure in the music vault

from where we start? anywhere really. What about the Supreme Court case Troxel vs Granville, Who deals with visitation rights to grandparents, especially the January 12, 2000 television coverage, which featured mostly one of the plaintiffs, a “bald, plump, narrow-lipped man in glasses” named Gary Troxell? Then 60-year-old Mr. Troxell had formed a vocal trio … Read more

Breaking the mould: UW-Madison geneticist connects art and science, participates in National Mall exhibition

For years, AhnaScoop didn’t feel like it fit the mold of the world. Comes from a family of artists. Her father, Michael Skop, was a pupil of the famous Croatian artist Ivan Mitrovic, and her father brought students from all over the world to an art school that they had in their home. Her mother, … Read more

Dozens of stocks in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index experienced their worst quarter ever, as technology shares plunged in value by nearly $2 trillion.

The stock sale at the start of 2022 led to the worst quarter in history for dozens of S&P 500 stocks, as investors punished pandemic darlings and high-value tech companies, and knocked out nearly $2 trillion from market capitalization. Tech companies received the brunt of the first-quarter sell-off that was felt all over Wall Street, … Read more