Musk says the Twitter board has almost no stock. Here’s how it compares with Tesla.

Twitter managers are awarded $225,000 in units of restricted stock, plus at least $50,000 in cash, annually. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg font size Elon Musk asked Twitter Board members concurred with shareholders over the weekend, citing most of the board’s small personal stakes in the social media company. The businessman and richest person in the world … Read more

Meta’s hiring plans in Canada are worrying the tech sector. Here’s why

Meta’s announcement in late March that she was laying down her roots in Toronto with plans to hire 2,500 new workers in the city and across Canada was met with great fanfare from politicians. Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who announced the jobs himself at a press conference, described the move as a boon for local … Read more

By attacking Facebook and ‘Big Tech’, conservatives are paradoxically playing into the hands of ‘Big Tech’

force law It is the title of Sebastian Mallaby’s astounding history of venture capital (check out here). For those who haven’t read it, they would be wise to read it. Conservatives in particular. Reading may wake them up to how easily they can play into the hands of tech companies they wish to be neutralized … Read more