If you’re a retiree considering summer travel either domestically or overseas, and you’re hesitating, it’s no surprise – there’s plenty to consider. “When considering travel, weigh the risks,” says Dr. Stuart Campbell Ray, MD, professor of medicine with experience in COVID-19 at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Nobody wants to get sick on vacation. However, if you … Read more

Texas travel nurse on health care crisis: ‘Profits go to CEOs rather than trying to retain nurses and support staff’

This interview was conducted prior to the sentencing of former Tennessee nurse Radonda Foote. Foote was sentenced Friday to three years in prison on probation. While Fout’s massive support from the nurses successfully prevented her from going to prison, the precedent implied by her conviction remains. be seen, “Mass mobilization of nurses keeps Fout out … Read more

Computer science enrollments soar, buoyed by hot job market – News

The enrollment rate is over 300 percent in the Computer Science department. Computer science undergraduate and graduate students and graduates explain what drew them to the field and to Abu Dhabi University. Written by: Matt Windsor Media contact: Brianna Hough Carlos Rivas-Valencia is a first-year student in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program … Read more

Travel boom: Which companies will leave the gate first

Travel is finally back as countries lift restrictions, hide mandates, and open their borders to tourists after two years of widespread caution. Airlines shares rose earlier this week then Delta Air lines (indicator: from Earnings season kicks off and profitability is back in March, even as fuel costs rise. The company added that total passenger … Read more

Kathy Woods Arch believes in technology and artificial intelligence will accelerate the development of biotechnology

Cathie Wood’s Ark Investing has a relatively simple investment strategy. The company describes its philosophy in one simple sentence. “We only invest in disruptive innovation.” This is a broad statement, but it also clearly defines what the company does. In addition, it is a kind of warning. Disruptive innovation does not always succeed, nor does … Read more

Tech CEO plots spring-break trip to Ukraine to help employees keep working amid Russian invasion

Andy Kurtzig and his family plan to spend spring break at a destination that most are fleeing. The JustAnswer chief executive, along with his wife Sara and their three kids — Jamie, 17; Kelly, 13; and Kai, 12 — are stuffing their suitcases with medical supplies, drones and body armor for a week-long trip to … Read more