The 2022 NFL schedule: Rest, travel, opponent’s total strength, and most difficult stretches

Amid the NFL’s efforts to expand interest in the game and showcase the league’s most marketable stars, comfort for member clubs and players is often lost in the fold. There has always been a huge disparity between the cumulative travel distances of certain teams, like the Raiders in 2018 and 19, who were so scandalously … Read more

The Toronto Raptors bring a beautiful oddity to the NBA playoffs

The first contest in a best-of-seven series is often said to be a sense game, and in the case of the Raptors – whom Philadelphia slammed last weekend in Game 1 – they will likely need that case. In the series opening, Toronto had a Murphy’s Law type performance in defense: anything can go wrong … Read more

Premier League anniversary: ​​UEFA profits from failed split

It’s been a year since the start of the European Premier League. At the moment it seemed like a strange project, poorly designed and poorly designed. Within 48 hours it seemed dead as fans took to the streets to protest. Chelsea and then Manchester City shyly withdrew. Liverpool’s owner, John W Henry, gave a sad … Read more

Carrie Champion on CNN + Show with Jimmy Hill, in support of black women

Sports Illustrated and Empower Onyx highlight the diverse journeys of black women across various sports—from veteran athletes to rising stars, coaches, CEOs, and more—in the series, Elle-evate: 100 Influential Black Women in Sports. Long before Cari Champion knew she was going to be a radio journalist, she used to accompany her sports-obsessed grandmother, Estelle Manning, … Read more

Kyrie Irving forces Celtics’ defense to bend, but not break

BOSTON – It’s over. At least it should have been. With only a few minutes remaining in Boston’s first-round series game against Brooklyn, the Celtics were about to start the game. 15 bullet points evaporated. Keri Irving, New England’s favorite villain, is getting hot. Kevin Durant has shot two photos as well. Boston’s blistering attack, … Read more

Liverpool-Manchester City: Jurgen Klopp’s team dominates the FA Cup semi-finals

For a moment, when the ball landed on Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho in the Liverpool box in injury time, it looked as if an unexpected comeback was on its way. But the Brazilian’s shot rebounded over the crossbar by Virgil van Dijk and Liverpool’s 3-2 lead in the FA Cup semi-final was maintained. Jurgen Klopp’s … Read more

NBA Playoffs: Ranking each series from the first round from worst to first

After 82 regular season games and six playoffs, the NBA Finals have finally arrived! With an uncharacteristic amount of depth in each conference, the Lakers debacle, and the Nets drama, the first round will be an intriguing mix of contenders, new faces, and intriguing matches. With a lot of high-stakes basketball to be played over … Read more