The “secret” of travel professionals to get into work mode after a long vacation

Remote work is making it easier than ever to take a working vacation — you can travel to a new location, log in during the day, and basically get away without having to use up your PTO days. But many people come back from these “rest periods” more exhausted than when they left. About 61% … Read more

The Blowing Rock Entrepreneurship Challenge Class 2022 completes its program | local news

With Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce CEO Charles Harden in the foreground, members of the 2022 Blowing Rock Leadership Challenge class pose for a photo. Hardin served as the lead facilitator for the program, which ran for nearly 10 weeks. Members included (in alphabetical order) Cathy Parker, Suzy Parker, William Brinker, Bana Columbus, Jennifer Davis, … Read more

What will Mister Rogers say about Chris Rock, the fallout from the Oscar slap and violence in the workplace

Comedian Chris Rock, hosts the Academy Awards in Los Angeles. Is he the new American champion? News agency Now, you’ve undoubtedly seen a recent example of workplace violence at the 2022 Oscars festivities when comedian Chris Rock was assaulted while working on stage. A candidate who was upset by Rock’s comments about his wife walked … Read more