In Disney Pixar’s new Lightyear movie, time gets choppy; Is time travel real or just science fiction?

At the start of the new Disney Pixar movie, Lightyear, Buzz Lightyear is stranded on a remote and dangerous planet with his captain and crew. Their only hope of getting off the planet is a special fuel test. To do this, Buzz has to fly into space and repeatedly attempt to jump to extra speed. … Read more

Sheriff’s Office shows new technology for ALS MPs who respond to EMS calls – Newton Daily News

On May 10, the two Vice Mayors of Reserve, certified to provide Advanced Life Support Services (ALS), demonstrated the new equipment they are using when responding to emergencies in Jasper County, particularly communities outside Newton that mostly rely on dedicated help from volunteers. With their certifications and skills as paramedics, Reserve Representatives Steve Ashing and … Read more