IBM shares rose. Why the 111-year-old tech company has outperformed today.

font size IBM’s results lifted other low-tech stocks, including Oracle and HP. Miguel Medina/AFP via Getty Images Score one for old timers. in a day when Netflix Stock down 35% on worries about disappointing subscriber growth, market gets boost from 111-year-old International Business Machines . As the company’s first-quarter financial results showed, the tech giant … Read more

Apple, Tesla, and these shares were bought out of tech wrecks

font size Apple Store signs appear at Grand Central Station in New York. Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images To say it’s been a tough year for tech stocks is an understatement, with tech heavy Nasdaq Composite Landing in a bear market area and a stalwart like apple And Amazon Extension of loss periods for … Read more

Musk says the Twitter board has almost no stock. Here’s how it compares with Tesla.

Twitter managers are awarded $225,000 in units of restricted stock, plus at least $50,000 in cash, annually. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg font size Elon Musk asked Twitter Board members concurred with shareholders over the weekend, citing most of the board’s small personal stakes in the social media company. The businessman and richest person in the world … Read more