The “secret” of travel professionals to get into work mode after a long vacation

Remote work is making it easier than ever to take a working vacation — you can travel to a new location, log in during the day, and basically get away without having to use up your PTO days. But many people come back from these “rest periods” more exhausted than when they left. About 61% … Read more

Airlines are facing a severe shortage of pilots as the summer travel season approaches

Carolina Larson was in her mid-30s working at an investment bank in New York City when she overheard a co-worker talking about flying lessons. Soon she was taking lessons at the same flight school and planning to change her profession. “I emptied my 401(k) and maxed out my credit card and borrowed money from friends,” … Read more

From yachts to the United Nations

Many people travel occasionally for work. But for some, travel is at the heart of their jobs. CNBC Travel spoke with people from four industries about occupations in which working from home — or an office for that matter — isn’t an option. travel year Name: Sebastian ModakJob: The New York Times, formerly “The 52 … Read more

Technical layoffs and hiring slowdown stand out in an overheated labor market

San Francisco camera compass | Getty Images US employers added more jobs than expected in April amid a tight labor market, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. But the tech sector, which has thrived during the pandemic, is showing signs of contraction. Facebook’s parent company Meta has paused hiring and scaled back some hiring … Read more

Conti ransomware leak shows that the group operates like a regular tech company

Conte — which uses malware to block access to computer data until a “ransom” is paid — operates much like a regular tech company, say cybersecurity professionals who analyzed the group’s leaked documents. eclipse_photos Now you may understand what it feels like to be a victim of cyber espionage, a Russian group identified by the … Read more