MARK-TO-MARKET: Americans’ summer travel plans face record gas price hikes | business economy

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) officially defines the summer driving season as six months from April to September. However, Memorial Day weekend is the official start, as millions of Americans hit the open road on summer driving adventures. Gasoline consumption tends to peak during the summer months. The EIA expects Americans to consume about … Read more

Flying Dad Rock | movies | Weekly mode

Tom Cruise’s stardom is based on an oxymoron. Cruz is so cheesy and eager to please — so all-American, timeless, committed, enthusiastic, and idealistic, according to the rules of lackluster masculinity — that he surveys as super weird. And when he’s at his game, he’s intentionally funny. Strangeness said, demonstrating a sense of need despite … Read more

Sweet tune has been running at Hard Rock Casino for a year | national news

Gary – One of the biggest gamblers in the history of the Indiana gaming industry has undoubtedly paid off across the board. Nearly one year ago, on May 14, 2021, Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana opened its doors to the public for the first time, bringing wild gaming to Northwest Indiana and creating an entertainment … Read more

Tricks to find summer travel bargains

The majority of Americans — 7 out of 10 — plan to travel in the next 12 months for leisure, according to a February NerdWallet poll. Many Americans are looking to travel this summer, and most are hoping to find a good deal. Air travel is almost back to pre-pandemic levels. The number of travelers … Read more

IAC sees bargains in technical assessments. It is ready to shop.

font size IAC was founded by former film mogul Barry Diller. Leungphotography / Dreamstime With sharp cuts in tech stock prices, online holding company IAC is on its way to more deals. IAC (Stock Code: IAC) has been buying, building and selling online businesses for the better part of three decades. Founded in 1995 by … Read more

Dozens of stocks in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index experienced their worst quarter ever, as technology shares plunged in value by nearly $2 trillion.

The stock sale at the start of 2022 led to the worst quarter in history for dozens of S&P 500 stocks, as investors punished pandemic darlings and high-value tech companies, and knocked out nearly $2 trillion from market capitalization. Tech companies received the brunt of the first-quarter sell-off that was felt all over Wall Street, … Read more

Hospitality sector faces tourism boom with severe staff shortage | DW Travel | DW

Most COVID-19 restrictions in Germany have been lifted in time for the Easter holiday. This supposedly inspired more people to go on vacation and finally enjoy restaurants and hotels without having to wear a mask. More than two years after the pandemic, this is an understandable wish. Ingrid Hartiges, CEO of DEHOGA Hotel and Restaurant … Read more

High-tech laboratory researching livestock diseases

Share this story Posted 6 hours ago Photo credit above: USDA Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue, accompanied by Senator Pat Roberts (R-K) and Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS), is shown by National Agricultural and Biological Defense Facility Project Manager Tim Barr on the state of the facility being built on the campus of the National Agricultural … Read more

Southern red rocks? Plan for an 8,000-seat outdoor grandstand in Colorado Springs | Shared content only

A $40 million, 8,000-seat outdoor amphitheater that will host prominent music and entertainment acts is planned on the north side of Colorado Springs, providing concert-goers with a modern venue in an outdoor setting akin to Red Rock and Fiddler’s Green near Denver. . Springs entrepreneur and entrepreneur JW Roth said Notes Live Entertainment plans to … Read more