Castle Rock students build a nature classroom Thursday in a growing local campaign for outdoor learning | education

Castle Rock – When science teacher Ryan Benner assigned students to study insects, he said that only about three species could be found in the grassy area outside his classroom. Common insects such as honeybees and moths live in the lawn, but Benner wants students to see builders’ bees and beetles, also called Castle Rock … Read more

Companies plan to use blimps to go into space in 2024

Nearly half of Americans want to travel to space. But that means the other half doesn’t, according to a 2021 survey by ValuePenguin, a financial research site LendingTree. Nearly 40% said space travel was too risky, while others expressed concern about environmental impacts and costs. Soon there will be an option that addresses those concerns, … Read more

Science 37® expands its leadership in the decentralized clinical trial market with the release of NextGen SaaS… | News

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Presented by Science 37 Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNCE), the Agile Clinical Trial™ operating system, is today a pre-eminent technology release, setting the standard as the most comprehensive, comprehensive platform for fully orchestrated study conduction for decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and increasingly agile designs that require … Read more

How climate scientists are keeping hope alive as the damage festers

Within a year, University of Maine climate scientist Jacqueline Gill lost her mother and stepfather. She was infertile, and then during the research in the Arctic, she developed an embolism in both lungs, was taken to the Siberian intensive care unit and almost died. She was flown home and later had a hysterectomy. Then the … Read more

Why science isn’t helping sell chocolate chip cookies

People don’t want science anywhere near delicious chocolate chip cookies. But they’re glad science is creating a body wash that fights odor-causing bacteria. In a series of 10 studies, researchers found that people dislike using science to market products that bring pleasure, such as cookies. Instead, consumers see science as more appropriate to sell utilitarian … Read more

Americans lack a basic layer of modern knowledge

Updated at 4:50PM on May 4, 2022 Three things I remember from my high school geosciences class: the swirling pink cover of a textbook designed to help us pass our end-of-year test in New York State, the soccer player who seemed more intent on torturing me than torturing me. Learning, and the nagging feeling that … Read more

UC Davis biologist works to support diversity in science

Dr. Nicholas Burnett studies biology primarily as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Davis. But recently, he and several of his colleagues have shifted their focus outside the lab to learn more about the social side of the world of science. “We try to take a critical look by using our training as … Read more

Soaring fertilizer prices highlight the science of healthy soils

Soaring fertilizer prices are renewing the focus on other tools that can ultimately improve soil health and boost food production. why does it matter: Shocks to the world’s farming systems – including droughts fueled by climate changeAnd As well as shortages of seeds and fertilizers due to conflicts and natural disasters – are likely to … Read more

Navigating the moral future of science

WThe COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, researchers announced that they had made the first living robot. These so-called “xenobots” are programmable organisms created from the stem cells of African clawed frog embryos – or Xenopus laevis. Just two years later, researchers announced that xenobots reproduce spontaneously. This shocking and disturbing news was not widely covered … Read more