If technology fails to design for the most vulnerable, it fails us all

what are you doing russian Protesters share with Twitter users panic that Elon Musk is reading their live codes and people worried about the criminalization of abortion? It will serve them all to be protected by a more robust set of design practices than companies developing technologies. Let’s go back. Last month, Russian police forced … Read more

How Ireland Missed Its Chance To Be The ‘Super Organizer’ Of Big Tech

Many of the largest US technology companies in Europe are headquartered in Dublin. Artur Widak | Norfoto | Getty Images Upcoming EU rules forcing big tech companies to monitor online content will be enforced more aggressively by the European Commission, a move experts say will diminish the role Ireland has played so far in overseeing … Read more

Technical layoffs and hiring slowdown stand out in an overheated labor market

San Francisco camera compass | Getty Images US employers added more jobs than expected in April amid a tight labor market, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. But the tech sector, which has thrived during the pandemic, is showing signs of contraction. Facebook’s parent company Meta has paused hiring and scaled back some hiring … Read more

Obama calls for technology regulation to combat online misinformation

Former President Barack Obama said Thursday that the spread of misinformation online is harming American democracy, and that the tech industry needs regulation and legislation to address the problem. “The design of these same platforms seems to be tipping us in the wrong direction,” Obama said at an event at the Stanford Center for Cyber … Read more

What happens when people use TikTok and Instagram to make travel plans

According to a new study, nearly one in three travelers are turning to social media for vacation inspiration. The numbers are higher for younger travelers. About 60% of Gen Zs and 40% of millennials use social media for travel purposes, according to an April 2022 report by travel company Arrivia. On TikTok alone, the hashtag … Read more

Biden sues for ‘collusion’ with Big Tech to suppress free speech on Hunter’s laptop

Two Republican-led states have reportedly filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden and other top administration officials, claiming they “pressure and colluded” with major tech companies to crush the Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story and censor information on the origins of the COVID-19 lab. Fox News reports that the lawsuit, brought by Missouri Attorney General … Read more

Two key Truth Social tech executives have resigned from Trump’s Truth Social after the app’s launch crashed

The two Southern tech entrepreneurs have the two qualities that start-up Truth Social needed for Donald Trump: experience in the tech industry and a politically conservative worldview aligned with the former president, a rare combination in the liberal-leaning industry centered in San Francisco. Josh Adams and Billy Bowser — the company’s chief technology and product … Read more