Expedia Group: Recovering with the Travel Industry

Expedia Group (NASDAQ: EXPE) It was one of the companies hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic and only recently saw a respite in total bookings and revenue. In February 2021, the company’s revenue fell 57% due to international travel restrictions and shutdowns. The stock has done well in reversing its trajectory back towards positive earnings … Read more

Mirror biotech stocks decline

Biotech stocks sank Monday along with the broader technology sector. Concerns about inflation and interest rates have put downward pressure on the biotech sector for several months. The Nasdaq was down 521 points, or 4.3%, at 11,623.25. “Nothing has really changed in the thesis that biotechnology is undervalued at these levels,” Thomas Hayes, president of … Read more

Stocks fall as growth fears accelerate; Decreased potential customers in the technical field

Updated at 12:05 PM EST The Dow Jones fell 552 points, or 1.7% Nasdaq is down 418 points, or 3.44%. S&P 500 slips 105 points, or 2.65% 10 year bonds trading at 3.0783% West Texas Intermediate crude futures fell $5.70 to $104.09 a barrel VIX +15% to 34.73 points Dollar Index + 22% to 103.869 … Read more

UiPath arrow is approaching the bottom of the rocks here

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platform Provider UiPath (NASDAQ: PATH) The shares have been crushed to new lows since hitting $90 nearly a year ago. The company is a pioneer in RPA technology, which enables companies to better automate their repetitive processes. It is both software bots and artificial intelligence (AI) game. UiPath helps organizations become … Read more

Kathy Woods Arch believes in technology and artificial intelligence will accelerate the development of biotechnology

Cathie Wood’s Ark Investing has a relatively simple investment strategy. The company describes its philosophy in one simple sentence. “We only invest in disruptive innovation.” This is a broad statement, but it also clearly defines what the company does. In addition, it is a kind of warning. Disruptive innovation does not always succeed, nor does … Read more

More pain waiting for semiconductors and big technology

Technology and especially semiconductor manufacturers are going through a tough time. This difficult time has recently led to turbulent sessions in the stock market. The outcome of the last five sessions on Wall Street, for example, has been particularly brutal for both sectors. Take, for example, manufacturers of microprocessors or chips. Four of the largest … Read more