Connecticut cult favorite rock band, Nippas release fifth album ‘Sunshine Hotel’

Nipas – Sunshine Hotel Nepas ASHEVILLE, NC, USA, June 14, 2022 / – Connecticut rock band The Neybas (pronounced “nay-bahz”), a Northeastern US favorite for decades, have released their fifth album, Hotel Sun Shane”. The album’s range of action-packed songs spans multiple genres – from traditional rock and punkafunkadelic, to ska and reggae, with … Read more

Scientists say interstellar travel could be possible even without spaceships

In about 5 billion years, the Sun will leave the main sequence and become a red giant. It will expand and transform into a malicious glowing ball, consuming and destroying Mercury, Venus, Earth and possibly Mars. Can humanity survive the red giant phase of the sun? Extraterrestrial civilizations (ETCs) may already have faced this existential … Read more

Echoes continue from Bike Boom to Rock Trail Traffic

The parking lot on the road to Green Mountain in Lakewood, Colorado on April 1, 2020. Photo: Matt Miller. While many retailers are seeing signs of the bicycle boom, it is becoming clear that mountain bikers are clinging to the sport, and in some cases doubling down. With most cities and states easing and even … Read more

Scientists claim they’ve found the ‘best’ way to flirt with the sexes

Researchers in the United States and Norway are working together to find out which forms of courtship are most effective and why. International collaboration results are based only on questionnaires, not experiments, which means we have to assume that participants are honest and self-aware about what they find attractive. However, among 415 men and women … Read more

Lake Creek Safe on Top of USA TODAY Sports / NFCA High School Super 25

details category: High School News Creation Date: April 14, 2022 Louisville, Kentucky – Unbeaten Lake Creek scored two more lopsided wins to continue its dominance of the USA TODAY Sports/NFCA High School Super 25 for the fourth week in a row. The Lions (26-0) beat Montgomery and Porter by 19-1, and the NFCA Texas High … Read more

New Split Rock Wilds tracks in Minnesota will break up the flow

Images courtesy of Rock Solid Trails. There is nothing wrong with flow paths, says Dave Cizmas. It’s fast and fun, and it brings people from all walks of life to more trails, but there are plenty of flow trails in and around Duluth, Minnesota. In 2018, while scanning Split Rock Wilds, he knew he had … Read more

Masters: Butch Harmon as Tiger Woods beats Scottie Sheffler and Rory McIlroy | golf news

Butch Harmon golf columnist Scotty Scheffler cemented his edge as the world’s number one by winning three shots in the men’s Opening of the Year. Rory McIlroy finished second after the day’s 64th round; Butch Harmon is expecting a solid performance from both players for the rest of the year Last update: 04/22/04 5:32 PM … Read more