TESLA will release new single “Time To Rock” in July

In a new interview with Robert Cavuto sonic perspectives, Tesla guitar player Frank Hannon Asked if the Def Leppard‘s Phil Collinwho produced TeslaLatest album of 2019 “shock”, will return to lead the band’s follow-up effort. Answered (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “The ‘shock’ this album Elephant They did, they worked really hard on it. When I say “them” I’m talking about them Phil Collin And the Brian WaitOur bass player. man, hm truly I worked hard on the album. It was a collaboration. Elephant He wrote most of the songs. Some people thought it was a great album and some didn’t like it. But we gave it a chance. But from now on… Brian There was a discussion… Brian I am the founding member of the band Teslaalong with Jeff Keith. And from now on, we decided to write and produce our own music. We’ve worked with enough producers – we’ve had producers come and go throughout our career – so from now on, in our time, we’ll be producing our own music. And we’re actually producing a brand new song that’s coming out next month, and it’s a great rocker. I’m very excited about it.

“The best thing about producing ourselves is that it’s imperfect and explosive and has warts and everything and is as real as it can be because we are. We’re not technicians where we know how to make things perfect.”

“[TESLA‘s latest single, 2021’s] Cold blue steelWe produced it ourselves, and this new song – called “Time to rock” I produced it and have been working on it for about two months. It will eventually be put into a self-produced album.”

asked Lu Tesla She will continue to focus on releasing singles before dropping another full album, Kind He said, “Yeah, we’ll take out singles after singles and just focus on one song at a time, man, and sing that song.

“What happens is that when you’re young, you can write 10 songs and release an album every year, but as you get older, as we are now, it’s not easy to do,” he explained. “So you end up sacrificing quality for quantity, and we don’t want to do that. Why release 10 songs in such a hurry when we can take our time and create singles that we’re really proud of. And that’s one after one, I tell you, Jeff Keith And I’m really excited about it, because we wrote it on the road last year, and I got the band to make it together. I’ve been chopping it away in the studio where it’s producing it, and I’m getting ready to produce a video for it this weekend. it’s called “Time to rock”It’s a rock.”

last March, Tesla The official video featuring the lyrics of . has been released “Cold Blue Steel”. The clip was directed by Brandon Jolyon It is produced by Kindis raw and high electrical energy that brings fans back to their roots Tesla.

Originally released last August, “Cold Blue Steel” forward Tesla A song ever produced by the band members themselves.

last december, Kind She told Let’s Rock that the lyrics “Cold Blue Steel” It may be misinterpreted in part by some fans.

He said, “We’ve received a lot of criticism from people who only hear two clips of the song, thinking it’s about gun control.” “In a way, but it’s really a lot deeper than that, the lyrics. We definitely try not to take sides and be political but we want to sing about a situation. Something like what we did with “Modern Cowboy” In the 80’s we sang about foreign lands and terrorist demands and “blow, shoot them” and how this situation was still happening in the world at the time, being an armed fighter and cowboy, but we don’t point the finger. In the same way with this song, but some people only hear parts of it and care about it. But if you listen to the lyrics, it begs the question, “What’s the blame? Let’s be realistic. And the song is really about the people you give an inch, they take a mile – whether it’s a politician, a crook, a police officer. And we support our police.”

He added, “There are evil intentions in all walks of life, and that’s what the song is really about – just noticing and asking, ‘What’s to blame? He’s not talking about ‘disarming’ or anything like that. But he just started a fun poke in the Ronnie Van Zant. The song’s last lyric, “Just like rune He said, “Let’s throw them to the bottom of the sea,” as the song began for fun. Then we took it and tried to get it more serious.”

last september, Tesla drummer Troy Lucita He declared that he would “take some time off the road” to spend with family and friends. is replaced in TeslaGigs by Steve Brownthe younger brother of the former Duquen drummer Mick Brown.

Tesla he is:

Frank Hannon – guitar
Brian Wait – deep voice
Jeff Keith – lead vocals
rude dave – guitar
Steve Brown – drums

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