The Aggies are heading to Rock Hill for a three-match series

North Carolina A&T (13-34, 1-17) vs Winthrop (14-32, 7-11)Date: Friday 13 May – Sunday 15 May
time(s): 5 m 2 m 1 m
Possibility: Winthrop Ballpark (Rock Hill, South Carolina)

A & T strike leaders
average strokes: Anthony Hennings (.337)
home runs: Kurt Maynard (8)
my husband: Hennings (13)
three times: Canyon Brown (3)
RBI: brown (28)
Knockout Ratio: Maynard (.471)
percentage on base: Cameran Brantley (.385)

A&T Pitching Leaders
crazy jake (4.40)
strikes: Peyton Weinbarger (65)
narrow runs: Winebarger (61.2)
Memorizes: Evan Demorias (2)

A&T Big South Leaders (Top 25)
average strokes:
Hennings (.337) – 8y
home runs: Maynard (8) -14y
my husband: Hennings (13) – 8y; Alec Seton (11) – 19y; Maynard (10) – 22second abbreviation; Brantley (10) – 23research and development; Brown (10) – 25y
three times: Brown (3) – 3research and development
RBI: Brown (28) -24y
Knockout Ratio: Maynard (.471) – 24y

A&T National Leaders (Top 100)
Base on the balls:
Brantley (34) – 91St
Hit by pitch: Maynard (17) – 27y

Possible turn:
LHP Daniel Carter (2-5, 6.35 ERA, 45.1 IP, 44K)
LHP Peyton Weinbarger (2-7, 5.98 ERA, 61.2 IP, 65K)
RHP Jahim Brown (1-5, 7.38 ERA, 61.0 IP, 43K)

the modern history: These schools have played eight times since 2014, with Winthrop winning six of those games. However, the last time they clashed, the Aggies defeated the Eagle, 7-4, on May 3, 2017, at Rock Hill.

An overview of the pillars: The Aggies have had an up and down year like the baseball team. They beat the Power Five schools like North Carolina and Pittsburgh, and nearly went into a three-game streak against the Panthers two weeks ago. But, on the flip side, they also lost 17 of their 18 games in the Big South Conference. Additionally, they struggled to put the three main stages (hitting, shooting, and fielding) together simultaneously.

For example, last weekend, they had fun with the young left players Daniel Carter Best start on the hill when he threw seven innings of one-run baseball and hit six opposing players. However, the offense only packed one hit and dropped Match 2 of Sunday’s double-header, 1-0.

They have one player, the apprentice catcher Canyon Brownis ranked among the top 25 teams in the Great South for the RBI, while six of the other 10 teams have many players ranked in that range.

little player Anthony Hennings He was an offensive bright spot, reaching the top of the Big South in batting averages more than once in 2022. He hits a top .337 team, but in his last 10 games, he’s hit 0.200.

Coach Ben Hall He is in his eighth year at A&T and has an overall record of 154-226 (.416). He has coached the Aggies in all of the last eight games against the Eagles, winning two games.

Eagle overview: Winthrop ended his 11-game slip with a 9-6 win in the overtime on Tuesday over Castle. However, the Eagles have given up their last seven games at the conferences, most recently suffering a three-game sweep at the hands of the Campbell Fighting Camels.

In the league’s pre-season baseball poll, as voted on by its coaches, Winthrop was expected to finish sixth. The Eagles head into the weekend with a tie for eighth in the Big South standings with Gardner-Webb.

The Eagles have a single hit over the .300 mark in top catcher/player Dillon Morton, who comes in at .304 to lead the team. Morton also boasts the team’s highest level in home races (11) and RBI (39), with sophomore Khairy Miller trailing him at 10.

As a team, Winthrop is seventh in the league, winning by 0.26, just two points behind A&T.

On the other side of the diamond, they have a 7.06 ERA team, which is 10th in the Big South.

Spectrum LHP Garrett Gainey has delivered a team high of 60.2 runs this season. He allowed 43 runs, he’s got them all, in that time to count his 6.38 ERA to go with 45 strokes, behind fellow sophomore Carter Sutton the 47th team leader.

The Eagles are 11-16 at home this season.

Coach Tom Reginus was in his twelfth year as Winthrop after taking over in 2011. He has an overall record score of 296-318 (.482), including a conference mark of 147-134 (.523).

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