The Bahamas drops all vaccination checks for travelers

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The Bahamas has become one of the latest destinations around the world to drop requirements for Covid-19 testing for travelers who have been fully vaccinated against the virus. Famous and adored the world over for its pristine white, palm tree-lined beaches and crystal clear waters, the Caribbean tourist region made the announcement during the week, and we hope that easier entry requirements will lead to an increase in travelers heading there during the summer.

The move will be warmly welcomed by travelers and island businesses alike, as the Bahamas were once one of the few Caribbean islands that still impose strict entry requirements and suffer as a result. Here’s a look at what exactly has changed in terms of entry requirements in the Bahamas, and travelers affected by the latest changes in the country.

Making Bahamas Travel Easier – Information for Travelers

For decades now, the Bahamas have been the perfect example of a great Caribbean vacation. It appeared on the front covers of travel and magazines around the world, and more than 700 islands of the Bahamas welcomed tourists in large numbers, with more than 7 million they recovered the trip in 2019. While the epidemic and restrictions associated with it have witnessed travel numbers shrinking, The state’s latest changes are seeing that change this summer.

Last week, the Bahamas government revealed that it will no longer ask foreign travelers who have been fully vaccinated to provide evidence of the negative Covid -19 test to enter the country – which makes vacations to the country much easier and more attractive to millions of travelers. The policy change only took effect yesterday, which means travelers can now benefit from the change in restrictions and will only have to show proof of vaccination before boarding their flights into the country.

For unvaccinated travelers, there are still some hoops to jump through to be able to enter the country. Unvaccinated travelers aged 2 and above will be required to have a negative Covid-19 test result and to submit a check-in before they can travel to the Bahamas. Travelers may use either the negative RT-PCR test or the Rapid Antigen test, but it must be taken within 72 days of travel to be valid.

Fortunately, there are some exceptions to the rules that travelers with families will welcome. Children under two years of age are exempt from any test requirements and can enter freely without the need for a test. Travelers will also be happy to hear that the condition of conducting a Covid -19 test in order to participate in traveling between the island Vaccination against Covid-19.

The abolition of testing requirements for vaccinated travelers was not the only change made in the Bahamas to facilitate entry for travelers. The government has also eliminated the requirement for travelers to apply for a Bahamas health travel visa in order to enter the country – saving potential travelers time, effort and money. This change applies to all travelers, regardless of vaccination status, and is now effective.

Speaking of the changes in his country, Chester Cooper, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism, Investment and Aviation, said:

“The Bahamas is adapting to the ongoing evolution of this pandemic. We want to simplify the entry process for travelers as much as possible, while ensuring the protection of public health. We hope that the changes to pre-travel testing requirements along with the abolition of the Health Travel Visa will reduce friction for travelers and increase recovery of our tourism sector.”

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