The best global travel destinations for this year

Planning is part of the fun of taking a trip, and it turns out that more people are actually planning to travel for 2022 than they are actually traveling in 2019.

But the number of Covid-19 cases, safety protocols, quarantine restrictions and hygiene are all key factors in making a travel decision in 2022, according to a survey by TripAdvisor and Ipsos Mori in January. In the survey, 71% of Americans said they were most likely to travel for leisure in 2022.

But these days, travel may be for those with the most patience and determination. The Associated Press reported that in early April, more than 3,500 US flights were canceled and thousands more delayed over the weekend, thanks to storms in Florida and other issues, affecting at least 37,000 passengers. These types of obstacles are more common as major airlines grapple with increased demand and staff shortages, according to a report by travel magazine Afar. To further complicate your plans, US passport renewals can take up to 11 weeks.

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